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China 73500kg Crawler Electrical Diesel Engine Dual Power Material Handling Equipment Manufacturer for Wood and Steel Grabbing

China 73500kg Crawler Electrical Diesel Engine Dual Power Material Handling Equipment Manufacturer for Wood and Steel Grabbing
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    China 73500kg Crawler hydraulic Dual Power Electrical Diesel Engine Material Handling Equipment Supplier.
    YCYGSZ750 “dual power” hydraulic crawler steel grabbing machine is a special equipment for loading and unloading, stacking and destacking of goods yard developed on the basis of an excavator with a “dual power” drive function. This product is a mobile grabbing device that can It satisfies the pick-and-place operations of loading and unloading, stacking, and feeding of various types of scrap steel and other bulk cargoes. It has the following advantages:
    1. It is driven by mechanical and electric hybrid power, which can be driven by internal combustion engine or electric motor, which is flexible and flexible. Driven by electric motors, low maintenance costs, no pollution, and low failure rate. Electric motor operation is one third of the operation cost of internal combustion engine;
    2. The electromagnetic chuck operation function can be added according to the operation requirements;
    3. The equipment adopts full hydraulic drive, has stepless speed regulation operation function, and the operation is stable. Optional boom with a third-section boom telescopic function, that does not affect the overall size of the machine, it can work flexibly in a short range, and can also exert good performance in long-distance operations;
    4. The hydraulic series adopts: ①Dual power drive, double pump and double circuit total power adjustment, negative flow control open system; ②Dual power drive, double pump and double circuit power control, with pilot pressure override control, positive flow control open type system.
    5. The equipment is equipped with a hydraulic oil strong wind heat dissipation device, which can ensure that the temperature rise of the hydraulic oil does not exceed 80°C during continuous operation of the equipment, effectively prolonging the service life of the hydraulic seals;
    6. In addition to being equipped with scrap grabbing buckets to grab scrap steel, this series of grabbers can also easily replace other grabbing tools to grab and release various raw materials; after removing the grabbing tools, it can be used as an ordinary crane. Use one machine for multiple purposes;
    7. The equipment has safety limit devices such as luffing and rotation, and the operation is safe and reliable;
    8. Optional installation of weighing instrument;
    9. The gripper rotating head is optional, so that the gripper has a 360° rotation function, especially for directional raw materials, with a better gripping effect.
    10. The easy-to-grind part of the equipment adopts copper sleeve and steel sleeve to solve the problem of easy damage to the shaft sleeve when the grease is forgotten.
    73500kg Crawler Double Power Electrical Diesel Engine Material Handling Equipment Supplier from China.


    1.Main Configuration and Specification

    Items Unit YCYGSZ750
    Working weight kg 73500
    Engine Model Cummins QSL8.9-C260
    Rated Power Kw 264
    Rotating speed rpm 2100
    Maximum torque n.m 1500
    Displacement L 8.9
    Fuel consumption g/kw.h ≤229
    Displacement standard / Off road III standard
    Diesel tank capacity L 440
    Motor Model Shandong Yineng YX-315L1-4
    Rated power kw 200
    Rotating speed rpm 1480
    Voltage V 380
    Frequency HZ 50
    Starting way Soft start
    Protection Phase sequence, leakage, overload, overheating
    Hydraulic system Main pump TOBIS F5V200DT
    Rated flow L/min 2X400+30
    Working pressure Mpa 32
    Main control valve KYB/Hyundai KVMG-400
    Hydraulic oil tank capacity L 504
    Hydraulic motor Walking Korea SBIC GM85
    Rotation Korea Hyundai 35QA-1517
    Performance parameter Rotating speed rpm 0-9
    Max force power kn 379
    Walking speed Km/h 0-4
    Max Gradeability % 30
    Ground pressure kpa 103
    Cab (with protective net) Overall size mm 1800x1000x1620
    Rotating support Orbit center diameter mm 1528
    Four wheels and one belt Adopts PC series
    Cylinder Imported
    Overall hose Gates/Eaton
    Conductive slip ring 650A
    Cabin Aviation seat, hydraulic pilot
    Air conditioner 24V vehicle AC
    Lubricating system Center lubrication
    Alarm device Frame rotation alarm, overload alarm

    2.Main Dimension

    Main dimension(Unit: mm) unit YCYGSZ750
    Full width of upper part (not including body pedals) mm 3400
    Full width of the cab mm 1000
    Lifting height of cab mm 5870
    Driver’s horizontal sight mm 5350
    Total height of cab mm 1900
    Overall length mm 13400
    Tail radius of rotation mm 5500
    Counterweight height above ground mm 2420
    Minimum ground clearance mm 1430
    Core distance of guiding wheel and driving wheel mm 4330
    Track length mm 5300
    Track distance mm 3400
    Track width mm 800
    Wheel base mm 4200
    Arm length mm 10500
    Stick length mm 8500
    Grapple volume m³ 2.5

    3.Hydraulic System

    Main pump Type Variable axial piston pump
    Max flow 2x400L/min
    Quantity 2
    Pilot Type Gear pump
    Max flow 30L/min
    Quantity 1
    Rotation motor relief valve 28Mpa
    Main relief valve Working device 32Mpa
    Walking device 35Mpa
    Grapple open and close 28Mpa
    Grapple rotation 12Mpa

    4.Grapple Parameter

    Item Unit YGB2.5
    Grapple weight kg 1980
    Grapple volume m3 2.5
    Max distance when open mm 2350
    Min space when close mm 1800
    Work pressure Mpa 28
    Grab rotation angle / 360° unlimited
    Body material / Q345B
    Tooth material / NM400

    5.Working Area(Calculated By Grapple Center)

    Items(Calculated by grapple center) Unit YCYGSZ750
    Max grapple height mm 14650
    Radius at max grapple height mm 9560
    Max grapple radius mm 17630
    Max ground grapple radius mm 17630
    Max grapple depth mm 9735
    Radius at max grapple depth mm 10380

    2.Introduction of Equipment

    1.Power System

    (1).Dongfeng Cummins engine, 194kw power, max torque 1135n. m, rated rotation 2200rpm is adopted.
    (2).The engine has following features:The engine is an EFI, in-line four stroke water-cooled high torque diesel engine with reliable performance;
    (3).Considering that the working environment of the wood grabber is very dusty, the engine air inlet system adopts two-stage filters (two filter elements in the filter housing;
    (4).In consideration of environmental protection, the exhaust emission of the engine adopted by the wood grabber can meet the Euro 3 standard;
    (5).The monitoring instrument has the functions of fuel oil level, engine speed, engine water temperature high temperature alarm, engine oil pressure, hydraulic oil temperature, hydraulic oil pollution alarm, air filter pollution alarm, operation time accumulation, battery power and engine working state indication. Provide perfect engine working parameters for wood grabber operators to ensure the stable operation of the engine

    2.Hydraulic System

    (1).The hydraulic system adopts double pump and double circuit variable system, which can perform compound operation and has good stability and safety. Monitoring points are set in the hydraulic pipeline to facilitate the inspection of the pressure of the hydraulic system. The hydraulic pump adopts high-performance plunger variable displacement pump, which can adjust the output hydraulic flow according to the load. The multi-way valve is equipped with one-way valve, balance valve, overflow valve and hydraulic lock to ensure the safe, stable and reliable operation of the equipment;
    (2).The hydraulic operating system adopts hydraulic pilot control;
    (3).It has the function of forced heat dissipation to ensure the continuous and normal operation of the hydraulic system;
    (4).Explosion proof valve shall be installed at the bottom of boom oil cylinder to prevent accidents caused by waste splashes cutting off hydraulic hose;
    (5).The hydraulic oil pipe shall be equipped with steel wire sheath to ensure the safety of the equipment;
    (6).A 10um filter screen is set in the oil return pipeline to ensure the cleanliness of hydraulic oil.


    (1).The selected cab of the wood grabber is designed according to the principle of artificial mechanics, with good field of vision, fully closed, good rigidity and dust and sound insulation effect;
    (2).It is equipped with cold and warm air conditioner;
    (3)The seat has 6-way adjustment function, which is more comfortable;
    (4).The front of the cab is equipped with a protective net to ensure personal safety;
    (5).The cab is a lifting cab, which can meet the vision of operators.

    4.Traveling Mechanism

    (1).The guide wheel, supporting wheel and supporting wheel adopt floating sealing structure and do not need regular maintenance;
    (2).Hydraulic spring type crawler tensioning device to prevent the crawler shoe from jumping and falling off when the equipment is walking;
    (3).The track shoe is rolled with high alloy steel, which has good grounding, stability and long service life;
    (4).Imported double speed built-in reducer is adopted to meet the requirements of different moving speeds, and the driving brake adopts normally closed brake.


    The upper slewing angle is 360, unlimited rotation.

    6.Lubrication System

    Automatic centralized lubricant is adopted and controlled in the cab, which is convenient for maintenance. Ensure the normal operation of the equipment.

    7.Load Limiter

    In order to prevent equipment overload operation and ensure operation safety, an overload limiter is added at the bottom of the tail counterweight.


    The grab is made of high-strength and wear-resistant steel, with strong bite force, and can quickly do separate bite action. It can also be customized according to various complex materials on the customer’s site


    In order to ensure the safe, stable and stable operation of the equipment, Q345 steel is used for the upper platform of the lower frame, Q690 steel.

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