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Advantages of Plasma Cutter

The plasma arc voltage height controller utilizes the constant current characteristics of some plasma power sources. During the cutting process, the cutting current is always equal to the set current, and the cutting arc voltage follows the height change of the cutting torch and the plate at a fixed speed. However, when the height of the cutting torch and the plate increases, the arc voltage increases; when the height of the cutting torch and the steel plate decreases, the arc voltage decreases. The PTHC-Ⅱ arc voltage height controller controls the distance between the cutting torch and the plate by detecting the change of the arc voltage and controlling the lifting motor of the cutting torch, so that the arc voltage remains unchanged, and the height of the cutting torch also remains unchanged.
The excellent high-frequency arc-starting control technology of the plasma cutting machine and the separation structure of the arc-starter and the power supply greatly reduce the interference of high-frequency on the numerical control system.
●The gas controller is separated from the power supply, the gas circuit is shorter, the air pressure is stable, and the cutting quality is better.
●High duty cycle, reduce the consumption of plasma cutting machine accessories.
●With gas pressure detection and indication function.
●Has a gas test function, easy to adjust the air pressure.
●With overheating, overvoltage, undervoltage, phase loss automatic protection function.

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