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Automatic Boxed Sauce Filling and Sealing Machine For Sale

Automatic Boxed Sauce Filling and Sealing Machine For Sale
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    China automatic 2-port boxed sauce filling and sealing machine supplier.(Capacity:200g, 500g/ 1000PCH)

    Basic Structure Of Equipment

    1. Frame part: It is welded by 304 stainless steel square tube, the whole machine is bright and clean, and there are strong bolts in contact with the ground. The important components of the whole machine are accurately positioned and cut and processed by CNC machine tools.
    2. Aluminum plate part: module aluminum plate 2 hole single row aluminum alloy acid-resistant aluminum mold. (New models can be designed according to user needs)
    3. Transmission system: motor, reducer, cam divider, template, etc. Intermittent transmission device, pneumatic control element, intelligent digital display temperature control system. The precision cam divider operates in step-by-step clearance, high-performance reducer; smooth transmission, small impact force, accurate positioning.
    4. Drop box system: It is composed of frame, slide rail, cup storage bin, push cup cylinder, etc. The PLC controls the system, and when the template stops, the signal is sent to synchronize the control action to be completed.
    5. Filling system: The storage tank is made of stainless steel 304, the size can be customized. The piston is used for quantitative filling without dripping, and the filling volume can be adjusted freely and the quantitative is accurate.
    6. Coding system: automatic ribbon coding (constant temperature control) is adjustable, and characters can be changed quickly. Easy to load and unload.
    7. Film correction system: Photoelectric eye tracking automatically corrects the film pattern to align with the cup mouth.
    8. Sealing system: adopts constant temperature (intelligent temperature control) hot pressure sealing, and the sealing pressure is adjustable.
    9. Film cutting system: cold punching is adopted, and the cutting knife is a fine-tooth knife.
    10. Out of the box system: composed of slide rails, sliders, variable speed motors, and mounting brackets
    Automatic Boxed Sauce Filling and Sealing Machine

    Equipment Technical Parameters

    Type: Filling and sealing machine
    Filling volume: 200g-500g (adjustable)
    Work rate: 4KW
    Sealing temperature: 0-400℃ (adjustable)
    Air source: 0.75-1.0mpa
    Packing speed: about 1500 boxes/hour
    Whole machine weight: about 800kg
    Appearance: about 3000-750-1850mm (the width of the machine depends on the sample)
    Degree of automation: fully automatic

    Equipment Configuration List


    No. Name Material
    1 Main transmission mechanism, template, traction system 1. Cam index box
    2. The template is high-quality acid and alkali resistant stainless aluminum
    2 touch screen
    3 PLC
    4 Time Relay
    5 AC contactor
    6 The electromagnetic valve
    7 Temperature control
    8 Stand up box system
    9 Pneumatic system Aluminum and stainless steel
    10 Reducer 304 stainless steel
    11 Switching power supply
    12 solid state relay
    13 Contactor
    14 breaker
    15 Proximity switch
    16 cylinder

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