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Falcon F5 Wideband Transmitters for Horizontal Directional Drilling Machine

Falcon F5 Wideband Transmitters for Horizontal Directional Drilling Machine
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    Falcon F5 gives you the performance and versatility to complete the job safely, accurately, and on time. The one locator for all your jobs.
    Falcon F5 Wideband Transmitters for Horizontal Directional Drilling Machine

    Aggressive on Passive Interference

    The ability to choose the right transmitter frequency is more important than power in overcoming the effect of active interference. In October of 2015, DCI introduced Falcon technology, a significant new approach to overcoming active interference on HDD jobsites.
    DCI now introduces a Falcon F5® transmitter that aggressively targets passive interference. The Falcon Sub-k™ lets a locating specialist scan the jobsite and select the best frequency in the ultra-low 0.33–0.75 kHz (330–750 Hz) range. This new capability is exclusive to Falcon F5 and gives HDD crews the ultimate advantage over passive interference.

    The Advantages of Wideband

    A Falcon F5 transmitter provides versatility in all types of active interference at frequencies of 4.5–45 kHz. The Falcon F5 wideband design vastly outperforms single frequency transmitters of past generations. It also comes standard with fluid pressure measurement. No other guidance system allows an operator to scan for active interference and then pair optimized frequencies to a transmitter at every jobsite. This provides substantial cost savings and increases pilot bore productivity

    • The first and only sub-kHz frequencies in the industry forbattling passive interference on the jobsite
    • Falcon evaluates hundreds of frequencies for the bestpossible performance on every bore
    • Scan for interference, select optimum frequencies, and pairtransmitter at the jobsite
    • Switch between paired bands mid-bore
    • Full Scale Sensitive Pitch provides 0.1% resolution through±99.9% slope for precision grade work
    • Max Mode filters noise to boost weak data signals andstabilize depth readings
    • Standard warranty for 19″ and 15″ transmitters is3 years/500 hours

    Transmitter Drill Head Requirements

    For maximum transmitter range and battery life, the slots in thedrill head must meet minimum length and width requirements andbe correctly positioned. DCI’s transmitters require a minimum ofthree slots equally spaced around the circumference of the drillhead for optimal signal emission and maximum battery life.Measure slot lengths on the inside of the drill head; slots must beat least 1/16 inch wide. DCI transmitters fit standard housings butmay require a battery cap adapter in some cases. To receive fluidpressure readings, drilling fluid must be able to reach thetransmitter.
    Transmitter Drill Head Requirements
    1. Battery cap 2. Slot position 3. Front end cap A. Slot length B. Distance C. Transmitter length

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