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Hypertherm Powermax Plasma Cutting Cutter Machine Consumables Replacement Spare Parts

Hypertherm Powermax Plasma Cutting Cutter Machine Consumables Replacement Spare Parts
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    Product Description

    1.Basic information about us:

    High performance welding torches and parts
    Our continual product development program produces better designs – longer lasting equipment – higher quality parts and consumables.
    Surpassing OEM quality
    Unparalleled expertise in gas flow mechanics and airflow dynamics at a micron level – knowledge and experience that makes Torch Tip the world leader in welding and cutting technologies – plus over 15 years experience producing welding torches, guns, repair and replacement parts, tips, nozzles and consumables.
    Faster cleaner cuts
    Our plasma cutting torch conversion kit brings High Density plasma cutting to standard equipment.

    2.Replacements for Plasma Torch:

    * Electrode
    * Nozzle
    * Retaining Cap
    * Swirl Ring
    * Shield
    * Tips
    * etc.
    Those hard to find parts.

    3.Type of plasma torch consumables:

    Suitable ForElectrodeNozzleShield capRetaining CapSwirl Ring
    hsd130220487 (130A)220492 (130A)220536 (130A)220578 (130A)220488 (130A)
    220528 (50A)220489 (130A)220532 (50A)220490 (130A)220529 (50A)
    220890 (50A)
    HPR130220187 (80A)220188 (80A)220189 (80A)220747 (30-130A)220179 (80A)
    220181 (130A)220182 (130A)220183 (130A)220176 (80-130A)220553 (50A)
    220552 (50A)220554 (50A)220555 (50A)220756 (80-130A)
    220665 (130A)220193 (30A)220194 (30A)
    220192 (30A)220173 (30-130A)
    220649 (130A Bevel)
    hpr260220352 (200A)220439 (260A)220764 (260A)220433 (260A)220353 (200A)
    220435 (260A)220354 (200A)220398 (260A)220760 (260A)220436 (260A)
    220541 (260A Bevel)220193 (30A)220761 (200A)220757 (260A)220180 (30A)
    220649 (130A Bevel)220356 (200A)220637 (200-400A)220405 (260A)
    220181 (130A)220440 (260A)220747 (30-130A)220553 (50A)
    220187 (80A)220741 (260A Bevel)
    220192 (30A)220194 (30A)
    hpr400XD220629 (400A)220542 (260A)220194 (30A)220747 (30-130A)220631 (400A)
    220541 (260A Bevel)Bevel Nozzle220632 (400A)220553 (50A)
    220649 (130A Bevel)
    hypro2000220903 (200A)220834 (200A)
    220831 (200A)
    ht2000120667 (200A)020605 (200A)
    max200220021 (200A)020611 (100A)020448 (100A)020423 (200A)020607 (100A)
    120547 (100A)020608 (200A)020424 (200A)120837 (200A)020604 (200A)
    020689 (40A)
    maxpro200220937 (200A)420044 (200A)420045 (200A)220936 (200A)220488 (130A)
    220892 (130A)220832 (200A)220935 (200A)
    220891 (50A)420058 (200A)
    220831 (200A)
    powermax30220478 (30A)220480 (30A)220479 (30A)
    powermax45220669 (45A)220671 (45A)220674 (45A)220713 (45A)220670 (45A)
    220672 (45A)220673 (45A)220719 (45A)
    220718 (45A)220675 (45A)
    powermax85220842 (45-85A)220941 (45A)220817 (85A)
    220819 (65A)220818 (65/85A)
    220816 (85A)
    220930 (45/65/85A)
    powermax105220842 (45-85A)220990 (105A)220992 (105A)220854 (45-105A)220947 (45A)
    220991 (105A)220993 (105A)220953 (45-105A)220857 (65-85A)
    220797 (65-85A)220798 (65-105A)220994 (45-105A)
    220931 (45A)
    220955 (45-105A)
    powermax125220971 (45-125A)420169 (65A)220976 (45-125A)220997 (45-125A)
    420158 (45A)220975 (125A)420156 (125A)
    420000 (45-125A)220977 (125A)
    420168 (45-65A)
    powermax1250120926 (40-80A)120932 (40A)120929 (40-80A)120928 (40-80A)120925 (60-80A)
    120931 (60A)120930 (40-80A)
    120927 (80A)
    220006 (40A)
    220007 (60A)
    powermax1650220037 (100A)220011 (100A)220065 (100A)220048 (100A)220051 (100A)
    120979 (40-100A)220206 (100A)

    4.Product Details:


    6.More information about us:

    1.Q: Do you have your own factory?
    A: Yes, we have. Our factories located hubei province.

    2.Q: What is the MOQ?
    A: MOQ usually be 100pcs. Small quantity is also available.Generally if you choose the different products,our minimum order QTY.also will be different.

    3.Q: Is sample available and the sample fee refundable?
    A: Yes, we could offer the sample for free charge but do not pay the cost of freight.

    4.Q: What is the available shipping way?
    A: Small quantity usually choose DHL, Fedex, UPS and EMS etc.international door to door express. Bulk order would be sea/ air shipping.

    5.Q: How many days does it take for mass production?
    A: Usually it takes 15 workdays after confirming order.

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