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Importance And Characteristics Of Port Machinery Installation

As port machinery is a special equipment and has the characteristics of high risk, therefore, in the installation of single-beam bridge cranes, safe work is particularly important, and special attention should be paid to the following aspects:
(1) Single-girder bridge cranes are mostly mechanical equipment with huge structures and complex mechanisms, which are usually difficult to transport as a whole. The equipment is often transported separately and assembled at the use site as a whole. Therefore, the overall qualification of the crane must be reflected through the correct installation, and the integrity and integrity of the whole crane can be inspected.
(2) Port machinery runs on the track of the user’s site or building. Therefore, for its running track or installation foundation, as well as for the single girder bridge crane itself, whether it can cooperate well with each other, whether it is suitable for operation and whether it can meet the strict requirements of use, it must pass the correct installation and trial operation after installation. The test came to a conclusion.
(3) The safety requirements of port machinery are extremely high, and the safety devices must be complete and installed correctly to achieve reliable, flexible and accurate technical requirements.
(4) According to the importance of the crane’s safe work, in order to make the crane meet the requirements of various loads after it is put into use, the crane must be subjected to the static load and dynamic load test of no-load, full load, and overload according to the regulations. These tests must be carried out in the operating state of the crane mechanism or in a specific static state. This requires the crane to be handed over to use after the load test is carried out after the crane is installed.
(5) Flexible parts such as steel wire ropes and many other parts of single-beam bridge cranes will undergo some elongation, deformation, and loosening after the initial load. This also requires repair, correction, adjustment, treatment and tightening after the port machinery is installed and loaded and tested. Therefore, a series of work such as port machinery installation, trial operation, and speed regulation must be done well in order to ensure the safe and normal use of port machinery in the future.

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