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Kalmar Reachstackers at the Steel Works

Over the past decade, the high adaptability and durability of Kalmar equipment has been put to the test at the Voestalpine steel plant in Linz, Austria.
The Steel Division of the Voestalpine Group is a manufacturer of high-quality steel products for customers in the automotive industry, parts supply, large household appliances, construction machinery, oil and gas industry and renewable energy. With around 11,000 employees, the business unit is the global market leader in the field of thick steel plates for complex applications and casings for large turbine complexes.
Kalmar/Linde/Konecranes/Sany Port Machinery Reachstacker Parts Hydraulic operating handle Ignition Switch
Logistik Service (LogServ) provides on-site transport services to the Voestalpine steel mill in the northern Austrian city of Linz. The LogServ fleet currently has 220 transport equipment, including 70 special and heavy-duty vehicles, 30 locomotives and 120 trailers for transporting steel plates and coils. LogServ has been using Kalmar reach stackers since 2012 and currently has three DRF450-65A5X reach stackers, the first of which has been running for more than 18,000 hours and has been operating in four shifts, almost non-stop. Due to changes in production conditions on the site, Voestalpine Steel needed a new reach stacker for handling 2.2m wide steel plates (0.4m wider than previous standard widths), working outside the blast furnace at temperatures up to 700°C, and in Withstands temperature changes from -20°C to +35°C in extremely dusty operating environments. At high temperatures of 700°C, hot steel sheets are transported using hydraulic clamps, and at temperatures below 400°C, they are transported using magnets. “Kalmar has proven its reach stackers’ excellent adaptability to a variety of work processes that exceed standard requirements.”
In addition to maintaining the existing high levels of equipment availability and reliability, management also wanted to improve the overall driving experience. Operational convenience and driver comfort are therefore key factors in the decision-making process. For these reasons, LogServ chose the Kalmar DRG540-65A5X reach stacker. The equipment has a tool rack and can handle steel plates weighing up to 54 tons. In addition, it is equipped with easily replaceable clamps and magnet attachments to handle large steel plates at different temperatures.
Markus Jaksch, Equipment Manager at LogServ, explains: “We were so satisfied with the performance of the original Kalmar reachstacker that when we purchased our fourth professional equipment, we chose Kalmar again without hesitation. Kalmar has proven itself. The excellent adaptability of its reach stacker to meet a variety of work processes that exceed the standard requirements.” “This equipment is designed for the driver.” The equipment management team noted that observing service points allows operators to Check to determine if immediate action is required to make maintaining equipment easier and safer.
Markus Schinko, Managing Director of LogServ, added: “Kalmar has proven its excellent product adaptability to meet our challenging operating environment.” Engineering interior design and controls.
Driver Thomas Brokasch praises: “This device is designed for the driver. Air conditioning and auxiliary heating make the interior of the cab more comfortable, at the same time, the excellent panoramic view and the easy-to-use controls, especially the handle design. , improving the convenience of control.”
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