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How To Maintain The Port Machinery Spreader

1. In the process of using the port machinery spreader, if the rotation of the twist lock is not flexible or not in place, check the adjustment nut, and then check the following parts:
1.1 Whether the tension spring of the pawl is damaged, such as replacement;
1.2 If the transmission mechanism is stuck, if the lubrication is poor, add lubricating oil (or grease) to the movable connection of the transmission mechanism. If the guide pin is too tight, loosen the nut appropriately. If the connection is loose and the transmission tube or other rod is deformed, it should be corrected;
1.3 Whether the tension of the buffer spring is too small, the length of the wire rope connected to the buffer spring should be shortened.
2. During use, the indicator material on the spreader indicator board should be prevented from falling off. Once found, the coating of the indicator should be repaired in time.
3. The wire rope on the sling should be cleaned in time and applied with lubricating oil or grease, especially at the bend of the wire rope.
4. During normal use, the main stress components, lifting rings, twist locks, lugs and rigging should be checked at least once every 3 months without cracks and serious deformation.
5. All oil cups, including the ratchet mechanism oil cup, the sliding bearing seat and the twist-lock box oil cup, should be filled with lubricating oil in time according to the usage of the main movable joints.
6. Always check whether the rope clip is loose, whether the buffer spring is overstretched, and deal with the problem in time
7. Each port mechanical spreader shall not exceed the rated lifting capacity, and the buffer spring shall not be overstretched.
8. The port machinery should be hoisted smoothly during the hoisting process to avoid the spreader and the crane or other equipment colliding with each other and deforming.

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