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The Performance Of The Solenoid Valve Broken

In the process of using the solenoid valve, there may be some problems, that is, we said that it is broken and cannot be used. So when it is broken, what are the general performances and how can users judge it? Let’s see what the manufacturers say!
In the opinion of the manufacturer, after the solenoid valve is broken, it can be judged by listening, watching, and measuring several steps. What are the possible problems?
Listen, during normal operation, the solenoid valve works faster and the sound is relatively crisp. If the sound we hear is not like this or there is no sound, then there may be a problem with the coil. If the solenoid valve makes a banging sound after it is energized, and the sound is still continuous, it may be caused by voltage, suction, or debris in the valve core. But if it is an alternating current solenoid valve that has such a continuous sound, this is a normal situation.
Look, it mainly depends on whether the external performance is normal. For example, see if the coil is broken or there is a phenomenon of bagging; see if there is any damage to the wiring; see if there is any crack on the valve body, this kind of solenoid valve, especially in plastic or iron, must be special pay attention to. Because these two materials are prone to aging, cracks may occur if they are not replaced in time.
Measurement. One is that you can pass the test coil to see if it has magnetism, if it does, it is normal. Second, check whether the temperature of the coil is normal. If there is no temperature, the coil is broken or disconnected. But if the temperature is too high, the coil is short-circuited. Then turn off the solenoid valve and listen to whether there is any sound in the pipeline. If there is still sound after closing for a period of time, it means that there is a problem with the seal.
General problems can generally be judged through the above steps and methods. If there is no way to eliminate the problem, you need to find a dedicated maintenance personnel to check.

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