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The Reason Why The CNC Plasma Cutting Machine Does Not Cut Through

The failure of the CNC plasma cutting machine to cut through is usually caused by the deviation of the mechanical plasma power supply equipped with the CNC plasma cutting machine, so we can start from this aspect first.
First, check the size of the cutting current set by the plasma power supply at this time (the so-called cutting current of the plasma power supply is used for the plasma cutting capability of the beam, that is, the maximum cutting thickness. Generally, the plasma power supply for machines has a rotary knob for cutting current. , can be set according to the thickness of the actual cutting plate) If the plate is too late and the cutting current is set too low, this will happen; at this time, adjust the cutting current file and increase it appropriately to solve the problem.
The power supply itself can also cause this phenomenon to occur, the most obvious being the plasma serial load rate problem. Imported plasma (the duty cycle of an ordinary inverter-type plasma power supply is about 80% on one side) is good, but the serial loading rate of domestic plasma is very low. After a period of use, it is OK to cool down and rest before using it. At present, the commonly used power supplies with better quality include the domestic Chengdu Huarong, the United States Feimat, Hypertherm, and Taiwan Plasma.
The reasons for the details; the cutting gun pipeline is blocked, and the organic oil has stuck to the pipeline. It seems that the air pressure is sufficient, but the air pressure sprayed from the gun head is not enough. It is recommended to replace the plasma gun head, or it may be used for the plasma gun It has been too long, and it is recommended to replace it as it ages. Check whether the arcing test can penetrate after the initial positioning under the test. If it can show that the initial positioning value may be set high, if you cannot check other problems; you can find the reason according to the error message displayed on the control panel of the plasma, or consult the manufacturer of the plasma power supply .

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