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Reach Stacker Hoisting And Handling Operation Method

When the reach stacker fetches and transports containers, it has high requirements for the operator, and the safety of the reach stacker and the container must be ensured. However, errors will inevitably occur in the operation. In order to help you better operate the reach stacker, the following is an introduction to the reach stacker. The correct operation method when lifting and transporting, I hope to help everyone.

1. Alignment hanging box

Under the command of the signal commander, the reach stacker slows down, aligns the lifted container, adjusts the position of the hanger hinge and the container corner fittings, and places the hanger on the container so that each hinge is embedded in the box body corner fittings (if If the relative position of the two is not in place, it can be achieved by flipping and forward and reverse rotation); when each sensing pin of the four corners of the hanger contacts the corner hole of the container, a “touch box” signal will be issued on the control panel, press Lock the control key, the hinge is rotated and the container is locked, and a green signal is issued on the control panel. When the spreader is retracted and rotated, it is not allowed to collide with the container. When the spreader is empty, it should be in the unlocked position. It is forbidden to lift containers in strong winds of level 6 and above.

2. Lifting

Jog the test crane, and the signal commander confirms that there is no abnormality (if any abnormality is found, a stop signal will be issued immediately). Put the direction change joystick in the R position, honk the horn, and retreat without touching other containers. When walking, the spreader and container should be at an appropriate height (without affecting the driver’s sight), and the box should not be tilted. When driving on a ramp, the container should be located at the uphill end, and it is forbidden to turn with heavy loads. Except for stacking containers, it is forbidden to run the spreader at a high position. When driving with no load, the spreader should be adjusted to the 20-foot position. It is strictly forbidden to park the container in the air for a long time after hoisting or the driver to leave the cab after hoisting the container. In the same area, when the reach stackers work at the same time, the safety distance should not be less than 30 meters.
When using the reach stacker to load, unload and transport containers, it should be stably lifted, slowed down, and the reach stacker can be operated safely and stably with high work efficiency.

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