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Safety Operation Rules Of CNC Plasma Cutting Machine

What are the operating procedures that need to be followed when using plasma cutting equipment:
1. The operator must master the operating instructions and operating procedures of the CNC cutting machine before taking up the job.
2. Wear protective equipment before work.
3. Before operation, it must be confirmed that the safety device of the machine tool and the surrounding environment are absolutely safe and reliable, such as: whether the grounding device is firm, whether the protective covers are in good condition, whether the joints and valves of each part of the gas pipeline are firmly connected, whether there is air leakage, and whether there is air leakage around. Combustible and dangerous goods.
4. Observe the safe use and operation points of various gas cylinders to avoid fire and explosion of harmful gas or mixed gas.
5. When the cutting nozzle is blocked and flashback or flashback occurs, immediately close the combustible gas regulating valve, preheating oxygen regulating valve and cutting oxygen regulating valve in sequence.
6. Adjust the cutting torque position: For cutting machines with pre-positioning devices, the end face of the cutting torque protective cover should be adjusted to be 1.6-3.2mm higher than the probe end face. At the same time, adjust the cutting moment to be perpendicular to the workpiece to be cut or at the desired angle.
7. Turn on the power supply in sequence: main power supply→air compressor power supply→system regulated power supply→plasma power supply→system main power supply→computer control system host power supply.

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