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XCMG XZ2000F Horizontal Directional Drilling Rig Machine HDD Drill Equipment

XCMG XZ2000F Horizontal Directional Drilling Rig Machine HDD Drill Equipment
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    Product Model: XZ2000F Horizontal Directional Drill
    Manufacturer: XCMG Foundation Construction Machinery Co.,LTD
    The XZ2000F horizontal directional drilling rig is an integrated fully self-contained design. It adopts a number of advanced energy-saving control technologies such as closed energy-saving loop, electro-hydraulic proportional control, load-sensitive control and the company’s proprietary technology. Its main performance parameters and control technology have reached International advanced level. The hydraulic system, transmission system, reducer, electrical control system and other main components are made of first-class international brand products with high reliability.

    1.Features Introduction of HDD

    1. The digital instrument automatically displays the actual torque, push-pull force and other main construction parameters during construction, and is easy to operate; the electronic sensing technology is sensitive and can provide timely feedback on instantaneous overload and reliably protect the drilling rig.
    2. PE pipeline elastic balance release technology can effectively prevent equipment damage caused by the reaction force of the back-towing pipeline and improve the reliability of equipment construction.
    3. The patented technology of the rotatable tooth seat enables automatic centering of the drill pipe and reliable clamping.
    4. Overload protection technology, the drilling rig rotation torque, push-pull force and vise clamping force are all adjustable and adopt digital pressure regulation technology, which is convenient and simple to adjust and can be accurately preset.
    5. The cab can rotate 45° to improve operating comfort.
    6. Mud self-starting and stopping technology, mud flow adaptive technology, the drilling rig can automatically open/close the mud channel according to the working status of the drilling rig, and can automatically adjust the mud flow according to the current engine speed, push-pull speed, hole expansion series, etc., reducing a large amount of mud loss.
    7. Vise and semi-automatic one-button operation, realizing one-button clamping of the shackle with a vise and one-button flipping and leveling of semi-automatic, greatly reducing the number of repeated operations by the operator.
    8. Constant torque automatic hole expansion function realizes constant torque automatic hole expansion construction based on load feedback, further optimizing the automatic hole expansion function, with high efficiency and high quality.
    9. Swing drilling function. The drilling rig can quickly rotate forward and reverse through the power head to perform swing drilling to solve problems such as stuck drill and drilling difficulties during actual construction.
    10. Multi-working mode mode, setting three working mode switching modes: normal, soil layer, and rock layer, which can be applied to different working conditions such as rapid cutting of soil layers and micro-motion control of rock layers. The mode parameters can also be modified according to actual needs.
    11. Rotary gear adaption, an automatic gear control system based on rotating stepless speed regulation and rotating torque negative feedback, automatically adjusts the gear when it detects that the current torque does not match the gear for a long time, effectively realizing anti-overload protection and High efficiency construction.
    12. The clamping force of the vise is adaptive and the clamping pressure of the vise can be automatically set according to the current torque limit value, effectively reducing the wear of the vise teeth and the wear of the drill pipe and drilling tools, and improving the life of the drilling rig and drilling tools.
    13. Memory cruise function, a one-key cruise function based on push-pull speed lock, memory, rotation speed lock, and memory, can restore the construction status of the previous cycle with one click, and can be effectively used in a more stable expansion stage.
    14. The engine intelligent module includes functions such as automatic idle speed, one-key working speed, engine power control, etc., which can effectively reduce fuel consumption in standby mode and achieve engine protection under extreme load conditions.
    15. The safety module includes functions such as power head position information monitoring, power head deceleration zone setting, semi-automatic anti-collision, upper rod torque limit, etc., which effectively improves the safety of the entire machine.

    2.Drill pipe and drilling tool configuration

    The XZ2000F horizontal directional drilling rig drill pipe, drilling tools and other accessories are configured as follows:

    Name Type Form Specification Note
    Drill pipe Welded ¢114mm×6m
    API NC50
    Drilling Rigs Back Reamer Extrusion 450mm XCMG
    Tunnel 450mm
    Accessories Pilot guide bit 114/127 XCMG
    Guide plate 114/127
    Puller 114/127
    Puller 114/127
    Transfer case 100T/150T
    Connect 114/127
    Mu System Mud Mixing System 5m3
    Instrument Guide nstrument Navigator E XCMG
    Detector 8100 Radiodetection

    3.Main technical parameters

    Item Unit Parameter
    Thrust-pull force kN 2000
    Carriage Maximum operating speed m/min 45
    Carriage thrust-pull motor amount 8
    Carriage Max Torque N·m 68000
    Carriage spindle speed r/min 90
    Carriage Rotary Motor amount 2
    Maximum counterbore diameter mm Φ1400
    Maximum drilling length m 1200
    Drill pipe length m 6
    Drill pipe diameter mm Φ127/Φ114
    Lugs angle ° 10~17
    Engine type Cummins L9 CS4 360C
    Rated power kW/(r/min) 294/2100
    Maximum Torque N·m/(r/min) 1800/1300
    Track gauge mm 2025
    Track track mm 3165
    Track width mm 450
    Minimum ground clearance mm 292
    Maximum walking speed km/h ≥2.4
    Maximum Climbing Slope % ≥30
    Airborne mud pump Maximum flow L/min 950
    Truck mounted crane Maximum lifting capacity t 3.2
    External dimensions Length m ≤12
    Width m ≤2.76
    Height m ≤3.55
    Working Weight t 27

    4.Core parts subsidiary

    Core parts Matching manufacturer
    Engine Cummins
    Rotary pump Danfoss Sauer
    Push pump Danfoss Sauer
    RotaryMotor XCMG
    PushMotor XCMG
    Push reducer XCMG
    Controller Rexroth
    Main valve AMCA
    Handle HAIMOOO
    Walking reducer XCMG
    Hydraulic cylinders XCMG
    Lorry crane XCMG
    Hydraulic tubing XCMG

    5.The Machine Appearance and Transportation

    The machine transportation Dimension 12000×2760×3550mm
    Shiping weight(free of Drill and Drilling Tools) 27t

    6.Accompanied Attached Documents

    HDD machine start when accompanied by the packing list, include the following technical documents:
    Product certificate
    Product Manual
    Engine Specification
    Air Conditioning of Construction Vehicle General Manual
    Operation and Maintenance Manual of Loader Crane
    Mud Pump Instruction Manual
    Packing List (including wearing parts and spare parts inventory, vehicle tools inventory,
    shipping list with items)

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