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XCMG XZ500F Horizontal Directional Drilling Rig Machine HDD Drill Equipment

XCMG XZ500F Horizontal Directional Drilling Rig Machine HDD Drill Equipment
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    Product Model:XZ500F Horizontal Directional Drill(HDD)
    Manufacturer:XCMG Foundation Construction Machinery Group Co.; Ltd.
    XZ500F HDD is the new products which set advanced technology, user experience,
    efficiency of construction as a whole, and pay more attention to construction requirements,operation habit, system energy saving, and could be widely used in urban pipeline construction such as electric power , communication, cable TV and so on .

    1.Features Introduction

    1.Controller + dual handle + display integrated operating system, providing comfortable operation performance and flexible adjustment performance for the whole machine, the selection of first-class brand hydraulic components to ensure
    reliable operation of the hydraulic system of the whole machine.
    2.Efficient one-button operating system, semi-automatic one-button on rod, one-button off rod, vise one-button shackle, one-button working speed, one-button rotation speed, one-button push and pull speed, operation efficiency increased by 15%.
    3.Gear rack thrust/pull design insures operation. Floating carriage can protect the screw thread of the rods.
    4.High-speed sliding systems, piston motor to achieve high and low sliding speed of carriage, increasing the ability to adapt the machine working conditions, promote construction efficiency.
    5.The machine adopts armrest box switch, logic interlock, walking Angle switch after, safe
    and convenient.
    6.Sliding, rotating system multiple output, modular common rail fuel system and electronic control module, system energy saving, high efficiency of construction, efficiency increased by 15%.
    7.Aviation damping seat, HD display, multifunctional integrated handle, open engine compartment,high operation comfort, convenient maintenance.
    8 .Support the diverse needs of customers, the machine can be increased with mud antifreeze,automatic loading rod, electrical shock protection automatic thread oil daub etc, reduce the workingstrength, improve the construction efficiency.

    2.Drilling rod and drilling rigs

    XZ500F/XZ500FPlus HDD Accessories Configuration:

    Name Type Form Specification Note
    Drilling Rods Integrated/Weld 89mm×4.5m NC31
    Drilling Rigs Back Reamer Extrusion 400mm
    600mm Double Horse
    700mm North Star
    Tunnel 400mm
    Accessories Drilling Bit 89
    Drilling Plate 89
    Outer Puller 89
    Inner Puller 89
    Transfer Case XZ500F 60t
    XZ500FPlus 80t
    Connect 89
    Mud System Mud Mixing System 5 Cube Shanghai
    Instrument Guide Instrument F2 US DCI
    Navigator E/ET XCMG
    Detector 8100 Radiodetection

    3.Main Technical Parameters

    Item Unite Parameter
    Engine Manufacturers / Dongfeng Cummins
    Model / B6.7CS4-260C
    Rated Power kW/r/min 194 /2200
    Thrust/ Pullback Type / Piston Motor+ Reduction Box
    Max Thrust/ Pullback force kN 500/900
    Max Thrust/ Pullback speed m/min 55
    Rotation Type / Piston Motor+ Reduction Box
    Max Rotation torque N ·m 27000
    Max. Rotation speed r/min 145
    Pipe D × L mm×mm φ89×3000
    Mud pump Max Flow rate L/min 600
    Max Pressure MPa 8
    Weight kg 14000

    4.Main Part Configuration

    Name Manufacture factory
    Engine Dongfeng Cummins/SDEC
    Rotation Pump Danfoss
    Thrust-Pull Pump XCMG
    Auxiliary Pump Permco
    Rotary Motor XCMG
    Thrust-Pull Motor XCMG
    Reduction Box XCMG
    Hydraulic tube XCMG
    Hydraulic oil cylinder XCMG
    Hand Shank XCMG
    Walking speed reducer XCMG

    5.Overall dimension and transportation

    Overall dimension as following:

    Item Unit Parameter
    Overall length(A) mm 7500(3m   )/8800   (4.5m )
    Overall width(B) mm 2280
    Overall height(C) mm 2610
    Track width (E) mm 2250

    6.Accompanied Attached Documents

    XZ500F HDD machine start when accompanied by the packing list, include the following technical documents:
    Product Certificate
    Product Manual
    Engine Specification
    Engine Warranty
    Mud Pump Instruction Manual
    Packing List (including wearing parts and spare parts inventory, vehicle tools inventory, shipping list
    with items)

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