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XCMG XZ800F Horizontal Directional Drilling Rig Machine HDD Drill Equipment

XCMG XZ800F Horizontal Directional Drilling Rig Machine HDD Drill Equipment
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    Product model: XZ800F horizontal directional drilling rig
    Manufacturer: Xuzhou XCMG Basic Engineering Machinery Co., Ltd.
    The XZ800F horizontal directional drilling rig is an integrated, fully self-contained design. It adopts a number of advanced control technologies such as closed energy-saving circuit, hydraulic pilot control, load-sensitive control and the company’s proprietary technology. Its main performance parameters and control technology have reached the domestic level. leading level. The main components such as hydraulic system, transmission system, reducer, and electrical control system are made of domestic and foreign brand products with reliable quality.

    1. Highlights

    1. A new generation of smart drilling rigs with a digital display system that directly displays the main construction parameters such as rotational torque, push and pull force, etc., overcoming the shortcomings of traditional drilling rigs that require conversion using pressure gauges, and is easy to operate.
    2. Adaptive engine power, increased extreme load control, and automatic idling, saving 10% in fuel consumption;
    3. Multi-working mode selection, according to different stratum working conditions, select the corresponding operating mode, the equipment has wide adaptability and high work efficiency.
    4. The rod torque on the power head is equipped with an overload protection system, which adopts electronic sensing. It has fast response, sensitivity, high reliability and is adaptable to complex working conditions.
    5. Efficient one-button operating system, semi-automatic one-button upper rod, one-button unloading rod, one-button unclamping of vise, one-button working speed, one-button high-speed rotation, one-button push-pull high speed, operating efficiency increased by 15%.
    6. Intelligent safety control system, including power head position judgment, automatic deceleration of the front and rear positions of the power head to reduce impact, and semi-automatic anti-collision interlocking system of the power head to avoid misoperation.
    7. Mud flow multi-speed stepless speed regulation system and mud self-starting and stopping technology save mud and reduce pollution.
    8. The tilting vise is combined with the rotating cab, the machine has a wide field of vision, multi-functional double handles, and a wireless proportional walking system, making the operation comfortable, efficient and safe.
    9. Double rocker arms provide stable support and the lowest soil penetration height in the industry. It is a powerful tool for urban construction.
    10. Optional power-increasing power head can double the pulling force of the power head to meet the special needs of customers.

    2. Drill pipe and drilling tool configuration

    XZ800F horizontal directional drilling rig drill pipe, drilling tools and other accessories are configured as follows:

    Name Type Form Specification Note
    Drill pipe Welded ¢102mm×4.5m
    Drilling Rigs Back Reamer Extrusion ¢450mm XCMG
    Tunnel ¢450mm
    Accessories Pilot guide bit 102 XCMG
    Guide plate 102
    Puller 102
    Puller 102
    Transfer case 80T
    Connect 102
    Mu System Mud Mixing System 5m3
    Instrument Guide nstrument Navigator E XCMG
    Detector 8100 Radiodetection

    3.The main technical parameters

    Item Parameter
    Engine Manufacture Dongfeng Cummins
    China IIII Model L9CS4 290C
    Rated Power 213 kW/ 2100 r/min
    Thrust/Pull Max thrust-pull force 800/1200kN
    Max thrust-pull speed 50m/min
    Rotation Torque 35000 N·m
    Rods Diameter × Length Φ102mm×4.5m
    Mud Pump Max Flow rate 800 L/min
    600 L/min
    Max pressure 10 Mpa
    Weight 16500kg

    4.Main component configuration

    Name Manufacturer
    Engine Dongfeng Cummins
    Rotating Pump XCMG
    Thrust/Pull Pump XCMG
    Auxiliary Pump Permco
    Thrust/Pull Valve XCMG
    Carriage Rotation Motor XCMG
    Carriage Thrust/Pull Motor XCMG
    Carriage Speed Reducer XCMG
    Crane XCMG

    5.Overall machine appearance and transportation

    XZ800F drilling rig equipped with semi-automatic drill pipe loading and unloading device overall dimensions

    Item Unit Parameter
    Overall length(A) mm 10650
    Overall width (B) mm 2450
    Overall height(C) mm 2600

    6.On-board technical documents

    XZ800F HDD includes following documents when delivery.
    Product Certificate
    Instruction Manual
    Operation and Maintenance Manual of Engine
    Quality Assurance Manual of Engine
    Operation and Maintenance Manual of Loader Crane
    Mud Pump Instruction Manual
    Packing List (including wearing parts and spare parts inventory, vehicle tools inventory, shipping list with items)

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