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The Characteristics And Application Of Container Reach Stacker

There are also different types of container reach stackers on the market, which refers to a container stacking and handling machine with higher flexibility.
The features and applications of container reach stackers are as follows:
The structure of the container reach stacker has the following characteristics: equipped with a multifunctional telescopic spreader, which can turn left and right, move horizontally, and tilt, which is convenient for container positioning and passing through narrow passages; the telescopic boom with load and tilt can realize the whole vehicle The combined action of traveling and boom telescoping; anti-rolling device is installed between the boom and spreader to reduce the swing of the container during lifting, braking and driving of the crane; it can stack multi-layer containers and cross-container operations; there are many kinds Protective device to ensure safe operation; after the spreader is installed with lifting claws, it can be hoisted together with the container semi-trailer to realize railway and road combined transportation; the hook can be changed to hoist other heavy cargo.
The container reach stacker is mainly used in:
1. Terminal container yard, including horizontal transportation of containers between the yard and frontier loading and unloading machinery;
2. Container yard, transfer station;
3. Container distribution points at railway stations. After the hook is replaced, it can be used as a tire crane. In some cases, it can also be replaced with a timber grab to be used as a timber loading and unloading machine.

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