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Container Reach Stackers Can Improve Loading And Unloading Efficiency

The container reach stacker is a mobile crane for domestic, foreign and international container hoisting and unloading. It can improve the efficiency of container terminal loading and unloading.
The reach stacker has a container spreader that can be retracted and rotated left and right, which can be used for 20-foot, 40-foot container transportation, loading and unloading and operations. When hoisting containers, the reach stacker does not necessarily have to be perpendicular to the development of the container building, but can be related to the container at an angle. Operation. After lifting, the spreader can be rotated to pass through narrow passages. At the same time, the spreader can be moved left and right by 800mm, so as to facilitate the box alignment during hoisting and improve the efficiency of operation management. For a freight station with relatively poor site environmental conditions, the reach stacker can also operate normally.
The telescopic boom can be loaded and luffed. The take-off and landing of the container is completed by the boom telescopic and luffing. When the boom is extended and the pitching cylinder is extended, the lifting speed is faster, and it is locked at the same time when falling. Enter, you can get a faster descent speed. During operation, the whole vehicle can be moved, luffed, and boom telescopic at the same time, with high work efficiency.
Reach stackers have made it easier to load and unload containers, solve many problems, and greatly improve the efficiency of the processing link. The reach stacker is flexible, easy to operate and has good stability.

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