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The Benefits Of Using a Container Reach Stacker

Most reach stackers require an electrical or hydraulic interface to the crane, and they only need to operate the electrical equipment in the reach stacker to complete container loading. The container reach stacker is a wireless, independent, and battery-powered independent reach stacker that does not require any electrical or hydraulic interface with the crane; so how does a professional operator operate a container reach stacker?
Reachstackers are operated by specially trained operators from the cab located at the top of the crane, as the more transparent glass allows operators to see the loading and unloading process more clearly. It is very important for ship and shore staff (gantry operators, stevedores and foremen) to remain vigilant and maintain proper communication to avoid any incidents; at the same time the reach stacker can be adjusted according to the load, depending on the load the size and number of containers to be started.
In the previous loading and unloading operations, the stevedores would lash and twist the containers; then, depending on the size of the cargo, reach stacking and unloading of the containers using suitable containers. Now, operators lift the container and use the lateral motion of the reachstacker to unload the container from the ship; it is then loaded on a truck on the shore platform, depending on the type of reachstacker and the size of the container, as technology continues to improve , Now the container reach stacker can lift 4 containers at a time.

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