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Comparison Of Parameters Of Three CNC Cutting Machines

CNC laser cutting machine, CNC flame cutting machine, CNC plasma cutting machine are the common CNC cutting equipment in the market. They have their own advantages and disadvantages. When purchasing, customers must choose the appropriate equipment according to their own specific conditions. In order to facilitate everyone to better understand the characteristics of the three machines, a detailed comparison of them is made, hoping to help customers.
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CNC laser cutting machine: It is a new type of CNC cutting equipment. Although its popularity is not as high as that of CNC flame cutting machine and CNC plasma cutting machine, its high-quality cutting effect will increase its weight in market competition. Compared with other CNC cutting methods, CNC laser cutting has the characteristics of high cutting precision and good cutting quality, especially for the cutting of metal sheets, the advantages are more obvious.
CNC flame cutting machine: It is one of the most complete functions and performances of all CNC cutting machines at present. Especially after the emergence of domestic CNC operating systems, the application of automatic graphics cutting code conversion software has increased its cost advantage. The CNC flame cutting machine is used for medium and thick plates.
CNC plasma cutting machine: Contrary to CNC flame cutting machine, plasma cutting machine has many deficiencies in thick plate cutting, which is determined by the existing technical conditions. In the future, in order to overcome this defect, the CNC plasma cutting machine must make more efforts in the improvement of plasma power technology and the cooperation between the CNC system and the plasma power supply. The development of fine plasma cutting technology can effectively improve work efficiency and cutting quality.
Of course, there are many cutting methods, but no matter which cutting method is chosen, the user must first consider whether it is suitable or not, and whether the processing cost is expensive or not. In addition, users need to do more research, shop around, and buy suitable and economical cutting equipment.

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