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Qualified Forklift Maintenance Steps

With the continuous development of society, people are paying more and more attention to their own health. Physical examinations are becoming more and more important in daily life. Physical examinations can timely detect hidden health risks or existing health problems. Lifestyle can promote health promotion. People are like that, and so are forklifts. Regular maintenance can not only maintain the good running state of the forklift, but also prevent the occurrence of failures in advance. What is the complete forklift maintenance process?
1. Visually inspect the appearance of the forklift to see if there is any damage
2. Carry out a driving test and full functional inspection of the forklift
3. Drive the forklift to the maintenance area on level ground
Tips: Do not use loading and unloading boards and workbenches as working areas; do not choose to be in crowded or wet areas; ensure that the indicator light is clear and in good condition; you need to obtain authorization from the person in charge of the site; Pedestrians can see clearly; and place cones on the forks.
4. Complete the hazard control process: tagging, locking process, wheel blocking process, capacitor discharge process
5. Remove all forklift covers
6. Clean the whole forklift with low pressure air
7. Clean the ground dust
8. Tighten/adjust/lubricate/check all forklift parts, install all covers
9. Clean the forklift

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