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XCMG XZ400 HDD drilling rig

Technical specification

Product model: XZ400 horizontal directional drilling machine

Manufacturer: XCMG GROUP

XZ400 horizontal directional drilling machine has the compact structure, excellent performance, complete functions, hydraulic pilot controlled, gear and rack of push-pull. The main performance parameters and control technology has reached the international advanced level. Hydraulic system, power system, walking system and other main parts are picked from the first-class brand products at home and abroad with the good performance and reliability.

  1. The highlights
  2. 1. With 179 kw power, itcan ensure the drill in the complex geological conditionsand complete the pipe-laying operation. Meeting china’s 2 engine emissions standards.
  3. 2.The gear and rack push and pull, which ensure the stability and the reliability of the transmission of power head.Power head floating and vice floating patent technology can greatly protect the drill pipe thread and improve the service life of the drill pipe.
  4. 3.Double speed power head, drillingand dragged back can work when running at low speed, ensuring the smooth construction. Power head can accelerate sliding, reduce the auxiliary time, improve work efficiency.
  5. 4.High-power engine systemcan reserve enough and meet the construction of drill rig under different working conditions.
  6. 5. Floating vise, the application of my company’s patented technology, can effectively extend the service life of drill pipe.
  7. 6. Customersneed diversification.The machine can do automatic (semi-automatic) loading and unloading drill rod device, automatic anchoring system, cab, changes in temperature air conditioning wind, cold start, mud antifreeze, mud cleaning, such as mud throttling device.
  8. The introduction of technology
  9. The hydraulic system

Hydraulic system use a closed loop circuit, hydraulic pilot control, a number of advanced control technologies. The hydraulic components choose from the domestic and international first-class brand with the reliable quality.

The hydraulic oil tank volume 230L


  1. The engine system

Dongfeng cummins turbo engine is powerful, whose emissions meet two stage standards of China:

Engine type 6CTAA8.3-C240
Rated power 179kW
Max. torque 1040 N•m /(1400r/min)
Rated speed 2200 r/min
Standard Second stage
Main engine fuel tank volume 230L


  1. Chassis

XZ400 adopts high-quality steel tracks (rubber) with strong adaptability and high reliability. The lard cylinder and the frog leg structure have the good stability. Eaton walking speed reducer has the stable performance and walking speed can be up to 3 km/h.

Track outside width 2250mm
Track width 400mm
Wheel base 2172mm
Roller number 6 units X 2
Driving force 62000kN
Gradability 30%
Walking speed 3km/h
Ground pressure 63.6kPa
Weight 11500kg


  1. Power head

The drilling machine can finish the push and pull through the gear and rack. Power head floating device can effectively protect drill pipe thread. Variable motor can achieve high-speed push and pull.

Max. push and pull speed 0~21m/min
Max. rotating torque 14000N.m


  1. The slurry pump system

Equipped with the large flow slurry pump, it can provide the strong and big flow slurry for construction and guarantee the smooth construction. It can be matched with winter construction mud anti-freeze system and mud cleaning system for the daily maintenance.

Maximum rate of flow 450L/min
Maximum pressure 100bar


  1. Operation desk

Revolving work station can increase the operator visual field and reduce operator fatigue. So the drilling operation is more easy and comfortable.


  1. Drill pipe and other accessories
Name Type Specification Remarks
Drill pipe Overall/welding φ73mm×10mm×3m
Drilling tools Back  expansion device Squeeze expanding φ300mm Wuxi
Channel impeller φ300mm
Accessories Pilot guide bit 83
Guide plate 83
Inception rod 83
 Torque sleeve 73
Male pull head 83
Female pull head 83
Transfer case 40T
Source nipple 83
Slurry system Slurry mixing system 2 m3 Shanghai
3 m3


exploratory apparatus F2/F5/SE DCI
GL300/GL350/GL600 Gemdale
detecting instrument 8000 Reddie


  1. The main technical parameters
Item Unit Quality
Engine Producer Dongfeng Cummins
Type 6CTAA8.3-C240
Rated power kW/ rpm 179 / 2000
Push and pull Type  Gear and rack drive
Biggest drag/feed force kN 400/400
Power head speed m/min 0~21
Rotary Type Motor reducer
Power head maximum torque N.m 14000
Power head rotation speed r/min 0~100
Drill stand Diameter mm Φ83
Length(single) mm 3000
Adjustable angle ° 10~23
Walking drive Type Steel crawler self-propelled
Walking speed km/h 3.0
Slurry pump The rate of flow L/min 450


  1. The main component configuration
Item Producer
Engine Dongfeng cummins
Main pump Sauer, Permco
 Auxiliary pump  Permco
Push and pull motor, rotary motor Howard
Push and pull reducer  Bonfiglioli
Caterpillar track Quanzhou
Walking reducer Eaton


  1. The machine appearance and transportation


Dimension 7080 X 2450 X 2450 (mm)
Weight 12T


  1. The documents

XZ400 horizontal directional drilling machine technical documents as the following:

Product certificate

Product specification

Product spare parts atlas

The engine maintenance manual

Reducer operation instruction

Mud pump maintenance manual (Option)

Packing list (Including wearing parts and spare parts list, the accessory tools list)


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