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XZ320E Horizontal Directional Drill

XZ320E HDD Technical Specification

Product Model:XZ320E Horizontal Directional Drill(HDD)

Manufacturer:XCMG Foundation Construction Machinery Group Co.; Ltd.

XZ320E HDD structure compact, high performance, full-featured, hydraulic pilot control, sliding rack and pinion, the main performance parameters and control technology has reached the international advanced level. Hydraulic systems, power systems, travel system, and the main components are made of leading domestic and foreign products, good performance, good reliability.
1.Features Introduction

1.1 Hydraulic pilot control, provide comfortable operating performance and flexible regulation,

first-class brand of hydraulic components to ensure the reliability of the machine hydraulic system.

1.2 Carriage and clamp using double floating patented technology can greatly protect the drill pipe thread, increase the service life of the drill pipe.

1.3High-speed sliding systems, piston motor to achieve high and low sliding speed of carriage, increasing the ability to adapt the machine working conditions, promote construction efficiency.

1.4 Optional full-automatic pipeloader, drilling box can accommodate 40 piece of drill pipes, ensure one time reached 120 meters, efficient automation construction, reduce construction costs and labor intensity.

1.5 Support the diverse needs of customers, the machine can option configuration with the automatic (semi-automatic) full-automatic pipe loader, automatic anchoring system, cab, air conditioning wind, cold start, freezing mud, mud washing,mud throttling and other devices, can also be optioned more eco saving Dongfeng Cummins with EU Stage ⅢA.

Technology Introduction
2.1 Engine System

Choose Dongfeng Cummins turbocharged engine, strong power, emissions meet

China III emission standard.
Engine Type QSB5.9-C210
Rated Power 154kW
Max Torque 820N.m /(1400r/min)
Rated Speed 2200r/min
Emission Standard China III

Choose Dongfeng Cummins turbocharged engine, strong power, emissions meet
China II emission standard.
Engine Type 6BTAA5.9-C205
Rated Power 153kW
Max Torque 870N.m /(1400r/min)
Rated Speed 2200r/min
Emission Standard China II

Choose Dongfeng Cummins turbocharged engine, strong power, emissions meet
China III,EU Stage IIIA emission standard.

Engine Type QSB6.7-C220
Rated Power 164kW
Max Torque 949N.m /(1500r/min)
Rated Speed 2200r/min
Emission Standard EU Stage IIIA

The drilling rig completed by rack and pinion sliding action, power head floating device can effectively protect the drill thread, variable-speed motor to achieve sliding.

Travelling speed 36m/min
Spindle torque (max) 12600N·m
The maximum stroke 3800mm

2.3 Hydraulic System



Using a hydraulic pilot control, hydraulic components are domestic first-class brand. Most important parts of hydraulic system are made of leading domestic and foreign products, good performance, good reliability. Five pumps coordinated action to complete the working, a reasonable allocation of engine power.

2.4  Chassis

XZ320E use classic H-beam structure, high quality rubber track, site adaptability, high

reliability, breaststroke leg structure, large cylinder support, good stability, Eaton walking gear, stable performance, walking speed can reach 2.2km /h.

 Track width 2240 mm
Rubber Track Width 400 mm
Tread 2140mm
Supporting wheels Quantity 2×6 units
 Gradeability 30%
Walking speed 2.6km/h
Ground pressure 63kPa

2.5 Mud Systerm

320L mud pump with a large flow, can meet most of the construction needs, winter

construction can be increased with antifreeze systems with mud and mud cleaning system for the whole routine maintenance.

Mud maximum flow 320L/min

Mud maximum pressure 80bar

2.6 Console and Cab(Optional)Collaboration with professional bodies, Cab, console ergonomics analysis and research, fully considered during the operation operator comfort and instrument layout is reasonable, can be increased with the cab, air conditioner, reduce labor intensity, improve the efficiency of the operator.
2.7 Pipe Loader(Optional)

Machine can option configuration with the automatic semi-automatic pipe loader, used rotating structure to achieve handling drill semi-automatization, also can option automatic

Full-automatic pipe loader, to achieve handling drill automation. Optional Full-automatic pipeloader, Drilling box can accommodate 40 piece of φ73×3000 drill pipes, this system can add pipe capacity for long distance construction Efficient automation construction, reduce construction costs and labor intensity.
Note:This Full-automatic pipeloader use φ73×3000 drill pipes!

2.8 Anchor(Optional)

Main machine with normal anchor, also can option automatic anchor help push and drill, highly automated and great power, reduce labor intensity. 9、钻杆、钻具Drill and Drilling Tools(Optional)

Main machine with Drill and Drilling Tools have Good performance and stable quality to make sure construction successfully.Other accessories of XZ320E horizontal directional drill rig are configured as follows

Name Type Form Specification Remarks
Drill Monolithic ¢73mm×3m XCMG
Welded type
Drilling tools Reamer Squeezed style ¢300mm
Drilling tools Reamer Runner type ¢300mm
Accessories Drill guide 73  
Starting lever 73  
Guide plate 73  
Torques 73  
L-nut 73  
Male slider 73  
Female slider 73  
Splitter 32T  
Connect 73  
Mud Mixing System 2 m3  
Mud system 3 m3  
Instrument Guide Instrument Navigator E XCMG
Detector 8100 Radiodetection

3.Main technical parameters



  Item   Parameter
Engine Manufacturers   Dongfeng Cummins
China III Model QSB5.9-C210
Rated Power 154 kW/2200 r/min
China II Model 6BTAA5.9-C205
Rated Power 153 kW/2200 r/min
China III,EU Stage IIIA   QSB6.7-C220
Rated Power 164 kW/2200r/min
Thrust-Pull Type   Pinion and rack drive
Max thrust-pull force(kN)   345/345
Max thrust-pull speed(m/min)   36
Rotation Type   four motors
Torque(N·m)   12600
Max spindle speed(r/min)   140
Pipe Diameter ×Length(mm×mm)   φ73×3000
Mud pump Max Flow rate(L/min)   320
Max pressure(MPa)   8
Weight /   10500kg

4.Main part configuration

Name Manufacture factory
 Engine Dongfeng Cummins
 Main Pump Permco
Auxiliary Pump Permco
 Rotary Motor  Eaton
Hand Shank  Eaton

5.Transport Program

The machine transportation Dimension 6200×2280×2450mm

Shiping weight(Simple,Free of Drill and Drilling Tools) 10.5t

Shiping weight(Optional Cab,Pipe Loader,Free of Drill and Drilling Tools) 11.5t

6.Accompanied Attached Documents

XZ320E HDD machine start when accompanied by the packing list, include the following technical documents

Product Certificate
Product Manual
Engine Specification
Engine Warranty
Mud Pump Instruction Manual

Packing List (including wearing parts and spare parts inventory, vehicle tools inventory, shipping list with items)

7.Attached Equipment

Items Optional Configure
Engine QSB5.9-C210 R
  Engine China II  
Engine ChinaⅢ, EU Stage IIIA  
Cold start R
Anchor Simple anchor R
Double automatic anchor
Mud system Mud antifreeze
Mud cleaning
Pipeloader Semi-automatic pipeloader
Full-automatic pipeloader
Cab Simple machine tent R
Cab and air conditioner
  Automatic thread oil daub
Walking Proportional wire-controlled walking
  Short time Plus 20% force
  Electrical shock protection

Remark □√-Normal,□-Optional

Advances in technology design, we can not change the product effective notice to you, please forgive me!




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