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How To Load And Unload Efficiency Of Reach Stacker?

Reach stacker is another name for a domestic container crane. It is also a mobile crane used for hoisting and unloading international containers at home and abroad. So, do you know the reason why the reach stacker improves the efficiency of loading and unloading? Let’s take a look together.
The reach stacker has a retractable left-right rotating container spreader, which can be used for 20-foot and 40-foot container loading and unloading operations. When lifting the container, the reach stacker does not have to be perpendicular to the container, and can be operated at a certain angle with the container. After being hoisted, the spreader can be rotated to pass through narrow passages. At the same time, the spreader can move 800mm left and right, and the box can be adjusted during the hoisting process to improve work efficiency. For freight stations with poor site conditions, the reach stacker can also operate normally.
The telescopic boom can bear load and luffing. The expansion and luffing of the boom completes the lifting of the container. When the boom is extended and the pitch cylinder is extended, the lifting speed is faster, and it is locked while descending to obtain a faster descending speed. During operation, it can realize the walking, luffing and boom telescopic actions of the whole vehicle at the same time, and the work efficiency is high.
The reach stacker brings convenience to the loading and unloading of containers, solves many problems, and greatly improves the work efficiency of the loading and unloading links. The reach stacker is flexible, easy to operate and stable.

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