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Factors Affecting The Quality And Safety Of Port Cranes

With the development of the global economy, port trade has become more and more important, and port cranes and terminal cranes play an important role in it. There are many factors that affect the quality and safety of port cranes. For example, the quality of hoisting cranes, usually manufacturers use quality-certified motors from well-known manufacturers, and the stable crane quality can be guaranteed.
Voltage is also a common factor that affects the lifting component of port cranes. Generally, the design rated voltage of the lifting motor is 220v plus or minus 5v. If the voltage fluctuates beyond this range, different degrees of heating of the motor will be formed, which will reduce the strength of the motor and reduce the lifting weight.
The diameter and length of the wire rope are often overlooked. If you choose a wire rope with a thick diameter or a long length, it will increase the diameter of the drum. Because the motor speed is fixed, it will inevitably increase the speed and reduce the strength of the crane. The lifting weight is reduced. When using, try to choose a suitable wire rope, and the wire rope should also be equipped with a suitable length, with several wire ropes of different lengths.
In addition, it also has a lot to do with the performance of the machine itself. The important thing is to operate it correctly, not to violate the rules of use, and to pay attention to maintenance and check for deficiencies. Port cranes are generally installed at the seaside or riverside. If they are used for a long time or left unused, rust will appear. So here, Nanhai Gundam Crane Factory advises customers that the equipment needs to be repaired and maintained. Pay attention to cleanliness and take precautions. Rust work.
First, check whether the entire surface paint of the port crane equipment is covered with paint film; if during the inspection process, it is found that the paint film of some equipment metal structures is damaged, then these damaged places must be cleaned up, and then These areas should be repainted with anti-rust paint and other anti-rust paints. Protect it in rain or snow, the metal surface will not be corroded due to weather problems.

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