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Failure Analysis of Port Machinery Gnawing Rails

After the rail gnawing failure of the port machinery, the status of the gnawing rail should be checked specifically, the relevant dimensions should be measured, and the reason for the gnawing rail should be found out through induction and analysis, and the repair plan should be determined.
(1) The trajectory of the cart should be adjusted strictly according to the skill requirements. The elevation, span and linearity of the trajectory should be strictly adjusted. The tightening of the bolts should be checked once every six months. Wheel gnawing often occurs on a fixed section of the trajectory. , If necessary, replace the track in time.
(2) When driving separately, the cone-shaped automatic wheel set is used, and the large end of the wheel set is placed on the inner side. If the big vehicle is skewed, the diameter of the front automatic wheel set will become smaller, and the diameter of the automatic wheel set on the backward side will become larger. At the same speed, the backward automatic wheel set travels at a large interval, so the bridge frame is automatically moved. just. Reduce the error in the diameter of the automatic wheel set of the bridge crane, improve the surface hardness of the wheel, and reduce the wear of the tread; the diameter of the wheel should be checked frequently.
(3) The deformation of the bridge structure constitutes the correction of the gnawing rail of the cart, and the flame method or the prestress method can be selected. This method is very laborious. The ability to adjust the wheel position to reduce the dimensional error of the wheel span and diagonal line caused by the deformation of the port machinery is the best plan to correct this kind of track gnawing.
(4) Adjust the transmission organization of the cart. In the transmission system of the operating organization, because of the errors caused by the wear of the parts, the connection parts that can be formed in the system should be checked when repairing. Such as: check the gear reducer, coupling gear wear, the gap between the key and the keyway, and the slowness of the coupling. Then think about whether the parts can be corrected or replaced. When the running organization of the separate driving cart, due to the fault of the motor or the brake, causes the two wheels of the car body to start and stop together, the electrical fault should be eliminated, the motor should be corrected or the brake should be adjusted from the beginning.
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