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The Requirements Of Electric Motors In Port Machinery And The Control Of Friction

The fixed crane in port machinery has strict configuration requirements in all aspects, especially for the electric motor of the equipment driving device. In order to achieve the expected operation goal, the electric motor configured in the fixed crane must also meet the corresponding requirements.
The first is the overload capacity. In the actual lifting process, the motor will frequently start, energize, and cut off due to the characteristics of the operation, and the complexity of the motor under these different conditions is also different. In order to ensure that the motor can ensure that the crane completes various operations, it must have sufficient bearing capacity.
If you know the operating status of motors in port machinery, friends should know that most of the motors are in a pneumatically loaded state, so its starting torque must also meet the requirements to avoid undesirable phenomena. In the lifting operation, all actions must not be wrong, otherwise it is easy to cause safety accidents, so the running speed of the motor is also a key, which is the basis for ensuring the stable operation of the fixed crane.
When the port machinery is working in it, it needs to overcome the inertia of the object to accurately complete each action, which needs to reduce the friction generated by the port machinery. First, you can change the friction object, which can reduce the required friction. At the same time, it can also be realized by applying lubricating oil.
If the size of the friction surface of the port machinery can be reduced, it is also helpful to improve the friction, mainly because the resistance is also reduced. Tests have proved that the friction coefficient generated in rolling mode is significantly smaller than that in sliding mode. Therefore, if the port machinery transports heavy objects by rolling, the friction force will be much smaller. After the friction is reduced, the service life of the parts is naturally guaranteed.

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