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Forklift Maintenance And Driver Precautions

How often should a forklift be maintained? This is very important. Generally speaking, battery forklifts have fewer parts, and the maintenance cycle can be longer at appropriate intervals, such as once every 500 hours. However, some internal combustion forklifts, dual-fuel forklifts, etc. have many parts and are in the correct operation specification. Under the circumstance, good maintenance is necessary, and the maintenance time can be designed to be shorter, such as 260 hours of maintenance, regular maintenance is a favorable guarantee for the safe and efficient work of the forklift!
There are many reasons for truck failure, but debris, rags, wood chips, dust and other debris are unclear for a long time, and some minor failures will also occur. Therefore, in the preventive maintenance plan, good cleaning is very important for forklift maintenance!
When a forklift encounters a dangerous situation, the driver must have a calm mind, identify the situation in time, and take correct avoidance measures. When encountering danger, we must take care of people and things first, and ensure the safety of people first. It is necessary to choose the light and avoid the heavy, and avoid the party with greater loss or harm. To put others first, first consider the safety of others, rescue the injured first, and must not protect yourself without caring about others.
In winter, forklift cabs are generally not easy to keep warm, and frostbite is likely to occur when driving for a long time in severe cold climates in winter. When driving, it is necessary to ensure that the body has enough heat, wear enough clothes, wear gloves to prevent frostbite fingers, wear light and keep warm, and often get out of the car to move the body.

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