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Why Forklifts Are Explosion-proof

Forklifts have been widely used in various sectors of the national economy and are the most basic and main loading and unloading machinery in ports, docks, stations, warehouses and industrial and mining enterprises.
Forklifts are also the most widely used in the processing, use, loading and unloading and storage and operation of flammable and explosive dangerous goods such as petroleum, chemical industry, textile, pharmaceutical, papermaking, paint, etc. Delivery to storage facilities and loading of dangerous goods onto transport vehicles. During these processes, some operational accidents occasionally occur, such as the goods accidentally falling off the fork or being punctured, the forklift hitting the stacked goods, pipelines or other equipment, causing the leakage and evaporation of flammable substances and diffusion. In addition, during the normal processing of flammable substances (such as material filling, discharge, and crushing), its leakage, evaporation and diffusion are also inevitable. Once these flammable substances emitted are mixed with air, they will form a bursting mixture. When their concentration reaches the bursting limit value, and sufficient ignition energy is encountered, it will cause combustion or bursting.
When the forklift operates in this environment, due to its high temperature surface, high temperature exhaust, exhaust spark, arc, electric spark, static electricity and other ignition sources, if it is not protected against explosion protection, its potential danger may occur at any time.
How to improve the efficiency of material handling in explosive dangerous places and ensure the safety of operations at the same time, choosing to use explosion-proof forklifts is the way to solve this problem.

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