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Installation And Debugging Of Gears In Port Machinery

Many port machinery need to be installed with gears, especially for equipment such as stationary cranes. The installation and debugging of gears plays an important role in its operation. Let me tell you in detail about the basic content of port machinery gear installation and commissioning.
Before installation and commissioning, first measure the lateral meshing gap of the gear with a feeler gauge, and its small value should meet the relevant regulations. The specific method is to use lead wire to wire the length of the wire along the outer edge of the gear at least 5 pitches, and rotate the gear. After the gear is flattened by the lead wire, take it out, and measure the thickness of the flattened lead wire with a micrometer. Regulation.
Then use the red lead coloring method to check the meshing and contact of the measuring gear. You only need to apply the red lead thinly and evenly on both sides of the pinion gear, rotate the high-speed shaft to make the big gear rotate in the forward and reverse directions, check the contact marks and calculate The percentage of out-of-contact. If these two aspects meet the requirements, the safe use of the equipment can be guaranteed.

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