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Safe Operation Guarantee Function Of Port Machinery

Because tower cranes and gantry cranes have many excellent characteristics, they have become one of the commonly used machinery in ports, but they are large-scale equipment after all. Due to the influence of factors such as large weight, long span, and wide operating range, the machinery is in use. Various problems may occur, and even cause safety accidents. Therefore, the control of this type of port machinery is very important.
After the transformation, the current port machinery is equipped with a comprehensive safety operation guarantee system, which can not only realize the anti-collision monitoring of the crane boom, and the online real-time monitoring of the synchronization deviation of the flexible legs; it can also forward the differential correction information to each mobile Station host to improve positioning accuracy.
At the same time, the monitoring software in the system can also collect the three-dimensional coordinate information of each crane and set up groups to provide each crane with the location distance information and early warning information of neighboring cranes separately, providing a basis for the safe operation of the equipment. In addition, this software can provide a monitoring data interface to facilitate secondary development and further improve its functions.

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