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Control System Used In Port Machinery

Both tower cranes and portal cranes are widely used due to their high site utilization, large operating range, wide adaptability, and strong versatility. Ports are one of the more typical ones. As a port machinery, similar cranes may fail during movement, mainly because of their large weight and long span, which cause losses.
At this time, if there is a different control system, it can not only prevent safety accidents caused by faults, but also greatly improve the accuracy of equipment operations. The CORS server system is the result of continuous research. After it is used in port machinery, it can realize the online real-time monitoring of the anti-collision monitoring of the crane boom and the synchronization deviation of the gantry crane steel flexible legs; at the same time, the reference station can pass CORS The server forwards the differential correction information to each mobile station host in real time to improve positioning accuracy.
Because the CORS server monitoring center software can collect the three-dimensional coordinate information of each crane and set up groups, it can separately provide each crane with the location distance information and early warning information of adjacent cranes. For gantry cranes, the operator can also use it to obtain the three-dimensional coordinate information of the crane’s steel legs, the flexible leg monitoring point, the distance information from the starting point of the track, and the step synchronization deviation information of the two legs for guarantee operations. Provide a basis for security.

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