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18 ton Fixed Dual Power Material Handling Equipment YGSG180

18 ton Fixed Dual Power Material Handling Equipment YGSG180
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    1.Product Introduction

    1. The power system is driven by an engine or a three-phase motor, which is flexible and flexible. Driven by electric motor, it has low maintenance cost, no pollution and low failure rate. Motor operation is one-third of the cost of engine operation;
    2. The electrical system has protection functions such as overcurrent, overload and leakage;
    3. Double pump double circuit total power regulation, negative flow control open system, reasonable allocation and utilization of motor power;
    4. Double pump combined flow and multi-action compound to improve work efficiency;
    5. Normally open rotary and travel brake. Independent oil cooling system, hydraulic oil cooler has large heat dissipation area and good heat dissipation effect;
    6. Italian hose, seal and Trelleborg cylinder seal, completely solve the hydraulic system does not seep;
    7. Enhanced working device for integral bending arm, gooseneck curved lever and various working grippers;
    8. The computer optimized design of the working device, the box structure to achieve a reasonable high-strength structure;
    9. Multi-function instrument panel, detecting various pressures, temperatures, oil levels and sound alarms;
    10. Three-dimensional air supply, fresh air circulation, fluorine-free environmental protection, large-capacity automatic heating and cooling air-conditioning system;
    11. Fixedly increased streamlined appearance driver’s cab, shockproof and soundproof, wide view, safe and comfortable, providing a car-like working environment;
    12. Optional rotary motor head makes the gripper have 360° rotation function, especially for directional materials, which has better gripping effect.


    Work weightkg16400
    EngineMain pumpKawasakiK3V63DT
    Rated flowL/min2×120
    Working pressureMpa31.5
    Main valveParkerAV-170
    Hydraulic oil tank capacityL210
    Hydraulic motorSwingSUNJINSDS140C
    Performance parameterSwing speedrpm0-11
    cabinOverall dimensionsmm1800x1000x1620
    Swing ringOrbital diametermm1012
    Slip ring200A
    CylinderZhucheng longyuan oil cylinder, the south Korean technology import seal


    Main dimensions(mm)YGSG180
    Upper full width (not including body foot pedal)2700
    Cabin width1000
    Cabin height2820
    Tail swing radius3900
    Boom length6000
    Stick length4500
    Grapple capacity1.2m³clamshell Multi-tine grab
    Bulk density ≤1.5tons
    0.5m³ plum Clamshell
    Distance of balance weight from ground1000
    Max. grabbing height4265
    Max. grabbing radius9300
    Grasping distance at max height7440
    Max. grabbing depth8630
    grasping distance at max grabbing depth5280

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