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36 ton Fixed Material Handling Equipment YGG360

36 ton Fixed Material Handling Equipment YGG360
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    1.Product Introduction

    1. The power system is driven by an engine or a three-phase motor, which is flexible and flexible. Driven by electric motor, it has low maintenance cost, no pollution and low failure rate. Motor operation is one-third of the cost of engine operation;
    2. The electrical system has protection functions such as overcurrent, overload and leakage;
    3. Double pump double circuit total power regulation, negative flow control open system, reasonable allocation and utilization of motor power;
    4. Double pump combined flow and multi-action compound to improve work efficiency;
    5. Normally open rotary and travel brake. Independent oil cooling system, hydraulic oil cooler has large heat dissipation area and good heat dissipation effect;
    6. Italian hose, seal and Trelleborg cylinder seal, completely solve the hydraulic system does not seep;
    7. Enhanced working device for integral bending arm, gooseneck curved lever and various working grippers;
    8. The computer optimized design of the working device, the box structure to achieve a reasonable high-strength structure;
    9. Multi-function instrument panel, detecting various pressures, temperatures, oil levels and sound alarms;
    10. Three-dimensional air supply, fresh air circulation, fluorine-free environmental protection, large-capacity automatic heating and cooling air-conditioning system;
    11. Fixedly increased streamlined appearance driver’s cab, shockproof and soundproof, wide view, safe and comfortable, providing a car-like working environment;
    12. Optional rotary motor head makes the gripper have 360° rotation function, especially for directional materials, which has better gripping effect.


    Work weightkg30500
    Specific fuel consumptiong/kw.h222
    Fuel tank capacityL390
    Hydraulic systemMain pumpKawasakiK3V180DT
    Rated flowL/min2X320+20
    Working pressureMpa31.5
    Main valveParkerUX32-18
    Hydraulic tank capacityL340
    Hydraulic motorSwingSUNJINSH360
    Performance parameterSwing speedrpm0-9
    The cabOverall dimensionsmm1800x1000x1620
    swing ringOrbital diametermm1500
    Slip ring400A
    CylinderZhucheng longyuan oil cylinder, the south Korean technology import seal


    Main dimensions(Unit:mm)YGG360
    Upper full width (not including body foot pedal)3000
    The cab height3900
    The cab width1000
    Tail swing radius4500
    Boom length9600
    Stick length6000
    Capacity1.5.-2.5m³Multi-tine grab
    Bulk density ≤2.0 tons
    1.0m³Clamshell Scrap job
    Satisfying the height from the ground1000
    Max. grabbing height9390
    Max. grabbing radius14385
    Max.grasping height when fetching radius10110
    Max. grabbing depth10335
    Crawl radius maximum crawl depth8940

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