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Routine Maintenance Of Container Reach Stacker

The container reach stacker adopts semi-automatic or automatic elastic zipper control structure design. The entire operation process of the reach stacker does not require the use of auxiliary components. It is a purely mechanical operating mechanism. The rotary lock of the front crane load beam is driven by an elastic zipper, which drives the rack to move the lock head. Opening and closing make the operation of the reach stacker easy. Improve the loading and unloading efficiency of the reach stacker.
Maintenance requirements for reach stackers
1. Rotating pin drive
(1) The surface of the spherical bearing of each rotating pin must be cleaned and lubricated, and should be regularly oiled.
(2) The switch limit switch should be checked frequently, and loose fasteners are not allowed. Check it every time you change shifts.
(3) Before each gear shift, check whether the head of the transmission pin is damaged or cracked, and check whether the nut of the transmission pin is loose.
2. Ejector device
(1) The ejector spring should be regularly inspected, lubricated and rust-proof.
(2) Grease should be injected regularly between the ejector pin and the reversing box to prevent rust.
(3) The push pin limit switch and the sensing end of the push pin should be kept at the correct distance, and it is not allowed to loosen the switch fasteners.
(4) If the thimble is damaged, it should be replaced immediately.

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