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3 Operation Steps Of Container Reach Stacker

What is the operation method of the container reach stacker? There are mainly the following three aspects:

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1. Preparation before operation

Check that the tires and hanger bolts are not loose, the front suspension fan belt is properly tight, the fuel, lubricating oil, and hydraulic oil are sufficient and there is no leakage, the tire pressure is normal, the hard rubber tires are not degummed, and there is no obvious transverse crack. Motor car test, flexible and reliable steering, braking and running mechanism, normal operation of hydraulic system and hanger, no abnormal noise, no oil leakage, water phenomenon, lights and horns are complete and effective, spreader telescopic arm, rotary lock and other mechanisms are in good condition , And deal with the abnormality in time.

2. Operation

Bring along with the vehicle tools; lift the hanger to an appropriate height, set the speed selector lever to gear I, and set the direction switch lever to “F” (F: forward; N: empty; R: backward), look out and buzz The whistle stepped on the accelerator to move forward, shift gears step by step, and accelerate smoothly; the reach stacker should not exceed 10km/h with a load, and the speed should not exceed 15km/h with no load, and no steering is allowed on slopes above 10%, and the speed is low at the crossing. , No gear shift, one stop, two look, three pass. When turning, slow down and drive slowly. When passing through narrow roads with many people, uneven roads, and poor visibility, slow down and whistle, and the speed should not exceed 5km/h.

3. Personnel dispatched

When loading and unloading trucks, strictly observe the regulations of “seriously observe, jog test hoisting, prevent hooking, and confirm on both sides”. There are no less than 3 people in the reach stacker operation, one driver, two lifting signal commanders, and the signal commander also serve as guards. During container loading and unloading operations, two commanders should stand on both sides of the container and observe on both sides The corner fittings of the container enter (exit) the lock state, and the commander on one side of the reach stacker can only send out the lifting or lowering signal after receiving a report from the commander on the other side. When moving the car, follow the command of the signal commander, and speculation and operation are strictly prohibited.

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