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Advantages Of Container Reach Stacker

Most of the container reach spreaders need to be electrically or hydraulically connected to the crane. They only need to operate the electrical equipment in the spreader to complete the container loading. The container spreader is a wireless, independent and battery-powered independent spreader. It does not need any electrical or hydraulic interface with the crane; then how do professional operators operate the container spreader?
The container spreader is operated by a specially trained operator from the cab on the top of the crane, because the more transparent glass allows the operator to see the loading and unloading process more clearly. For ships and shore workers (gantry operators, stevedores and foremen), it is very important to be vigilant and maintain proper communication to avoid any accidents; at the same time, the spreader can be adjusted according to the loaded items, depending on the size of the lift . The size and number of containers to be lifted.
In the previous loading and unloading operations, the loading and unloading workers would tie up and twist the container; then, according to the size of the cargo, use the appropriate container spreader to load and unload the container. Now, the operator lifts the container, uses the lateral movement of the spreader to unload the container from the ship; then loads it onto a truck on the shore platform, and operates according to the type of container spreader and the size of the container. With the continuous advancement of technology, the current container spreader can lift 4 containers at a time.
The lifting tool adopts a modular design and can only use relatively professional standard components, thus accurately ensuring the availability of these components and the ability to replace different types of container spreaders.
Fast telescopic system: very short telescopic time, from 20 feet to 40 feet only 15 seconds, from 40 feet to 45 feet only 5-6 seconds, the unique industrial rubber double steel belt design (including slow start/stop system) to ensure Simultaneous expansion and contraction, it has proven the reliability of more than 1.500 lifting tools operating worldwide.
Telescopic beam locking device: The hydraulic telescopic beam locking device is designed to ensure that it can be telescoped to the correct position. It has been successfully used in more than 2,000 lifting tools operating under various conditions worldwide.

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