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TB354/TB404/TB454/TB504/TB554/TB604 tractor

TB354/TB404/TB454/TB504/TB554/TB604 tractor
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Key Features:
YICHAO35-60 hp tractor,adopt the 12+12 side shuttle gear change methods,rational gear spread with high working effeciency.Optional 16+8 creeper gear.Also have 10 inch double function dry clutch with optional 11 inch clutch.Standard Xinchai engine with low fuel consumption,big torque reservation with strong power.Double cylinder type full hydraulic steering system makes handing more flexible.Reinforced front axle with bigger carrying capability.Optional 7cm heightened front axle and middle positioned cylinder with 5cm increased front axle,four planet gear with differential mechanism enable tractor good passing ability on muddy and sandy land.Automatic boost oil type disc brake system makes tractor brake more steadily and reliably.Force and position changing lifter also optional external forced lifter to better suit the land precision operation.540/1000r/min or 760/1000r/min double speed six or eight spline PTO to meet requirements of different implements.Bigger TB series maximum adopt the 14.9-30 tyre,optional air brake,single or double hydraulic outlet,more choices for more configuration to meet different customer demands.Equipped with front loader,grasping grass machine and mower of mulitifunctional purpose.

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TB354/TB404/TB454/TB504/TB554/TB604 tractor information

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