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TD754/TD824/TD904/TD954/TD1004 tractor

TD754/TD824/TD904/TD954/TD1004 tractor
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Main Features:
This series of YICHAO tractors equipped with Wechai Deutz,Yuchai and Dongfanghong engine,16+B side operate,slide sleeve gear changing methods.Much wider range of working speed.Maintenance free 6-QW-150 battery.Independent operate 14 inch double ceramic clutch stabilize the performance.Ductile iron gearbox produced by imported processing center.Rear axle shell adopted large module gear and shaft,chassis more stable and reliable.International standardized design four pillar sealed cabin have wider view,roomy inside operate space.Overall apperance coordinate perfectly,heat protection green glass.Air conditioner enhance the driving experience.Stable hydraulic wet disc brake.Hydraulic front steering,Matched with front loader and grasp equipment of multifunctional purpose.Split type lifter,External forced lifting cylinder,position and float control.Variable rear wheel,double fuel tank,high adaptability.

Products Information:
TD754/TD824/TD904/TD954/TD1004 tractor information

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