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XGMA side loader forklift

5-6 tons internal combustion side fork lift truck

Superior performance

The 5-6 ton side forklift is a large industrial vehicle with two moments of loading, unloading, stacking and short haul. During operation, the goods are placed longitudinally on the right side of the platform. The requirements for the width of the passage are small and the limited space can be fully and effectively utilized.


Superior machine performance and efficient operation efficiency;

New appearance, spacious driving space and good vision.

Standard diesel engine CY6102BG, low emissions, low noise, fuel consumption;

A variety of power configurations are available to meet the needs of different users.

The optimized frame has good rigidity and durability.

The optimized design of the transmission and heat dissipation system ensures the high efficiency and energy saving of the whole machine.

Double pump shunt, steering priority hydraulic system, high efficiency and energy saving, better power.

Beautiful and generous integral instrument, reliable and simple control of electronic gear shifting, accurate electro-hydraulic reversal control, improve control comfort;

The steering wheel can be adjusted to meet the driving habits of different drivers, which is consistent with ergonomics principles.

The visual system with backups and Jack telescopic occasions enhances the safety of driving and work.

It is especially suitable for storing and transporting various types of steel, aluminum, wood, cement and pole. It can be widely used in port terminals, industrial and mining enterprises, construction sites, station warehouses, log yards and other logistics operations.

XG560S Rated Capacity 6000kg
Dead weight 8800kg
Adjustable scope of forkfs 310-1200mm
Fork length 1200mm
Min turning radius® 4900mm
Platform height 1075mm
Wheelbase( E ) 2550mm
Track 1750mm
Min ground clearance 150mm
overall dimensions 4935x2280x2850mm
Tyres(Front/Rear) 9.00-16-14PR
Travel speeds 21km/h
Grade ability 20%


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