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Stationary Log Crane with a grapple for logs YGG100

Stationary Log Crane with a grapple for logs YGG100
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    1 .Introduction:
    The steel grabber material handling machine is a kind of scrap loading and unloading equipment. It can realize a variety of operation functions by changing the gripper material handling and working device. Therefore, it is also called a grabber, which is widely used in steel plants, smelters, ports, docks and scrap transfer. Special engineering machinery in the industry, equipped with different grippers (such as plum grab, shell grab, round grab, billet grab, hydraulic shear, hydraulic pliers, etc.) to meet different customer conditions for scrap, ore, coal The demand for bulk fertilizer and yellow sand loading and unloading.

    1).Economical and reliable
    Single pump constant power, dual pump cross power control, stable engine output;
    Negative flow pump control method and good economy;
    The hydraulic oil radiator and engine water cooler are cartridge-mounted, compact and efficient;
    Hydraulic hoses and seals are fixed with imported products and have high reliability.

    2).Reasonable design
    The boom and the arm are hydraulically locked, and the impact resistance is good, and both of them realize the double pump confluence, the stick regeneration, the multi-motion composite, and the work is stable;
    Two speeds of walking speed are selected to achieve two speeds to meet different working conditions;
    Upper arm brake for walking and swinging mechanism, hydraulic opening, good safety;
    Flexible configuration according to different grades of users;
    The power system, hydraulic system and working device can be freely and flexibly configured according to user requirements;
    The working device adopts the structure of “straight moving arm and curved stick”, and is equipped with electric suction cup and lifting driver’s cab;

    3).High efficiency and environmental protection
    Simple operation, convenient maintenance and safe and reliable performance;
    Environmental protection, energy saving, low noise and long service life;
    The far-infrared remote control system can realize long-distance operation; the crawler type traveling device has small grounding pressure, stable walking and flexible steering.


    1).The engine air filter is double-filtered, which can well cope with the problem of large dust on the scrap picking operation site. Especially in a closed working environment indoors, the dust concentration is greater. The dual filtration system increases engine efficiency and extends service life.

    2).The cab can choose height adjustable type or fixed type with different height.The cabin is shockproof and soundproof type.It has wide view and equipped with air conditioning and audio, air seats, safe and comfortable.

    3).Power system, hydraulic system and grabbing implements can be customerized according to different working size and work requirement.

    4).Standard central lubrication make daily maintenance easy.

    5).Diesel and electric hybrid drive can be driven by both internal combustion engine and electric motor drive.
    Driven by electric motor, it has low maintenance cost, no pollution and low failure rate. 4. Motor operation is one third of the cost of internal combustion engine operation.

    6).Original imported hydraulic system, exclusive electronic control system, the perfect integration of mechanical, electric and hydraulic integration.

    7).widened and extended “X” frame, standard with 800mm aluminum plate, strong stability, to ensure the efficient operation of the whole machine.

    8).It adopts high-strength wear-resistant steel, shell-type grab, plum grab, electromagnetic sucker and other accessories to flexibly switch, and can be customized according to working conditions.

    9).Original imported hose, steel wire surround, to prevent oil leakage, high reliability.

    1.Equipped with a hydraulic oil strong air heat sink to ensure that the hydraulic oil temperature rise of the equipment does not exceed 80 °C. Effectively extend the life of hydraulic seals.


    Item                                           Unit                                 YGG00
    Operating weight                       kg                                   7500

    Model                                                                                YC4D80-T20
    Power/Speed                             Kw/rpm                            58/2400
    Max.torque                                n.m                                   265
    Displacement                             L                                       4.214
    Specific fuel consumption         g/kw.h                               ≤210
    Fuel tank capacity                     L                                       130

    Model                                                                                   Y225S-4
    Power                                        KW                                      37

    Hydraulic system
    Main pump                                Toshiba                               SA7V90
    Rated flow                                 L/min                                  140
    Working pressure                      Mpa                                    28
    Main valve                                Toshiba                               ZDF-18
    Hydraulic tank capacity              L                                       150

    Hydraulic motor
    Swing                                         SUNJIN                             KY85

    Performance parameter

    Swing speed                               rpm                                 0-9
    Cabin Overall dimensions           mm                                1520x1000x1620
    Swing ring
    Orbital diameter                          mm                                 800
    Slip ring                                       A                                    150
    Cylinder                                      South Korean technology import seal

    Main size
    Main dimensions(mm)                                                         YGG100
    Upper full width (not including body foot pedal)                   2300
    Cabin width                                                                          1000
    Cabin height                                                                         2910
    Tail swing radius                                                                    2050
    Boom length                                                                         4000
    Stick length                                                                           2500
    Grapple capacity                                                                  0.35m³
    Counter balance clearance                                                  1080
    Max. grabbing height                                                            5620
    Max. grabbing radius                                                            6670
    Max.grasping distance at max height                                    2820

    4.Working chart

    Stationary Log Crane with a grapple for logs

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