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100ton XZ1000A hdd rig for trenchless pipe laying

100ton XZ1000A hdd rig for trenchless pipe laying
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    XZ1000A Horizontal Directional Drill Technical Specification

    Product Model:XZ1000A Horizontal Directional Drill

    Manufacturer:Xuzhou Xugong Foundation Construction Machinery Co.; Ltd.

    XZ1000A HDD structure adopts crawl chassis. It uses the power saving closed hydraulic system, equipped with electro-hydraulic proportion control, efficient advanced load sensitivity and XCMG’s patent technical. The main technical specifications reach the advanced level in China. The main components of hydraulic system, transmission, electric system and gearbox are made of world first-class brand products, good performance, good reliability.
    1.Features Introduction of XZ1000A HDD

    1.1The gear and rack transmission makes stability and reliability, Carriage spindle floating to to protect the drill pipe thread and improve the service life of the rods.

    1.2 Elastic equilibrium release technology is to avoid device damaging when pulling pipeline back, which increase the reliability.

    1.3Wire guided walking system makes moving safe.

    1.4 Mud flux stepless speed regulation saves mud and reduce pollution.

    1.5 Cab’s 45 ° rotation enhances comfortable operation

    2 Technology Introduction

    2.1 Chassis

    XZ1000A HDD adopts crawl chassis. It can fitted to more kind of ground and has high reliability. The travel gearbox producing by Doosan make it possible of good performance, good reliability.

    Track Shoe Length 3930 mm
    Outside wide of track 2900 mm
    Width of track 500 mm
    Distance between wheel’s axis 3165 mm
    Number of track roller 7×2
    Gearbox of travelling Korea Doosan   TM30VD×2
    Drive force 170kN
    Gradient 30%
    Travelling speed 2.5km/h
    Weight 23t

    2.2 Engine

    The powerful engine has the turbine torque increment characteristic. It meets for the request of China StageII or China Stage III,EU Stage IIIA.

    QSL8.9-C360 (China Stage III) 6LTAA8.9-C360 (China stage II,optional)
    Rated power                                   264kW (QSL8.9) 264 kW(6LTAA8.9, optional)
    Max torque of engine                   1500N·m /(1500r/min) (QSL8.9))
    1400N·m /(1400r/min) (6LTAA8.9, optional)
    Rated speed of engine                   2100 r/min (QSL8.9)
    2200 r/min(6LTAA8.9,optional)
    Capacity of fuel                             425L

    2.3Hydraulic System

    Adopt load sensitivity technology. World first-class brand’s components can provide good performance and good reliability.

    Rotation system
    Pump Rexroth A11VO145
    Pressure 320bar
    Rotary valve AMCA APV-22
    Motor Rexroth A6VM107X2

    Push or pull system
    Pump Rexroth A11VO145
    Pressure 320bar
    Manual reset relay AMCA APV-22
    Motor Rexroth A6VM107×4
    Capacity of Hydraulic oil tank 750L

    2.4  Electronic system

    Electronic system equipped with electric start button,fuse box and power master switch.

    The HDD adopts intelligent and CAN bus control technology. The meter shows clearly and easy to see.

    The HDD shows the actual torque and push or pull force immediacy in the large and high showing size monitor automatic. The temperature of cooling water, the pressure of lubrication, the temperature of hydraulic oil, the pressure or stoppage of filter element, the position of carriage etc. It can also alarm to the operator in wrong condition.

    Voltage of electronic DC24V
    Controller  TTC60
    Handle SAUER MCH22

    2.5 Drill frame

    The drill frame is made by high tension steel. It is convenient for the reason of the drill frame slide by the cylinder.

    The distance of the drill frame slide 2500 mm
    Entry angle adjust by drill frame 10~18°

    2.6 Carriage

    Push or pull is executed by rack and pinion. The HDD also use the floating axis to protect the pipe’s thread. The rapid speed is carried out by the variable motor. The speed of carriage and the force of push or pull can be executed steplessly.

    Gearbox of rotation Bonfiglioli 309L2/ Brevini EL1572
    Max.Push/pull force 1075kN
    Max.Carriage speed 35m/min
    Max.Torque 43000N·m
    Max.Spindle speed 100r/min
    Distance of carriage moving 7000mm

    2.7 Clamp

    The HDD is fitted with brute force clamp. The fixed wise and rotation wise can separate or integrate. It is good to change the tooth.

    Torque of clamp 81000N·m
    Distance of clamp separation 22.6°


    2.8 Mud pumps system

    Equipped with hengyang mud pump, mud for construction, to ensure smooth construction, There are four gear speed is adjustable, Can also be adjusted mud pump flow, provide better operating experience.

    Maximum flow 600L/min
    Maximum pressure 100bar

    2.9  Cab

    Cab with anti-noise function and air condition can rotate by cylinder. It is also fitted with light, windscreen wiper, damping seat and suit for operation, In front of the glass can be doubled. All these increase comfortable while operating the HDD.

    Width of cab 1000mm
    Length of cab 1800mm
    Rotation Angle of cab 45°
    Refrigerating capacity of air conditioner 4600W
    Heating capacity of air conditioner    5000W(The engine cooling fluid above 85°)


    2.10  Loader Crane

    The HDD is assembled XCMG’s 2T loader crane. It was controlled by hand and It
    operate vey convenience
    Lifting weight 2t
    Loading capacity 4t·m

    2.11  Pipe and tools (optional)

    To host equipped with reliable performance and stable quality of construction and efficient drill pipe drilling tool,provide strong guarantee for the host construction safety,as follows:

    Name Type Specification Remarks
    Drill pipe (S135) Welded ¢127mm×6m NC50 Type of connector
    Reamer Expanding type ¢450mm XCMG
    Flowing type ¢900mm
    Accessories Pilot guide bit 127
    Guide plate 127
    Puller 127
    Break out a joint 100T
    Puller 127
    Transfer case 100T
    Connect 127
    Mud system Mud mix system 5 cube Shanghai Zhini
    Exploratory apparatus Navigator E XCMG
    Instrument Prospecting instrument 8100 Radiodetection

    3.Main technical parameters

    Item Unit Parameter
    Engine China Stage III,EU Stage IIIA Manufacturers / Cummins
    Model / QSL8.9-C360
    Power rating kW/r/min 264 / 2100
    China Stage II Manufacturers Cummins
    Model / 6LTAA8.9-C360
    Power rating kW/r/min 264/ 2200
    Thrust-Pull Max thrust-pull force kN 1075
    Max thrust-pull speed m/min 35
    Rotation Torque N·m 43000
    Max spindle speed r/min 100
    Pipe Diameter ×Length mm Φ127 ×6000
    Type / Self-propelled crawler
    Travel driving
    Mud pump Traveling speed km/h 2.5
    Weight t 23
    (L×W×H) Dimension mm 11500×2900×3000

    4.Core parts subsidiary

    Name Manufacturer
    Engine Cummins
    Main Pump Rexroth
    Auxiliary Pump Permco
    Valve AMCA
    Handle SAUER
    Controller Rexroth
    Motor Rexroth
    Reducer Bonfiglioli/Brevini
    Bearing ZWZ
    Lorry crane XCMG
    Track Hubei Xiangong
    Walking speed reducer Korea Doosan

    5.The Machine Appearance and Transportation

    Item Unit Parameter
    Length mm 11500
    Width mm 2900
     Height mm 3000

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