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XCMG XZ680A Horizontal Directional Drilling Hdd Rig

XCMG XZ680A Horizontal Directional Drilling Hdd Rig
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    XZ680A Horizontal Directional Drilling Rig
    Technical Specification
    The advantages of XZ680A horizontal directional drilling
    1. The rack pinion push and pull. The transmission is smooth and reliable. The power head spindle floating improve the service life of drill pipe thread;
    2. The line-control proportion of walking system ensures the security of the walk;
    3. The slurry flow shift stepless speed regulation system is more convenient to adjust the flow of the slurry, save the slurry and reduce the environmental pollution caused by slurry flowing;
    4. The push-pull pressure shift stepless speed regulation system adjusts the push-pull pressure according to different working conditions, fast and convenient, which also can protect the drill pipe thread from being damaged.
    5. 45 ° rotating cabin can be realized, which make the tractor driver in driving indoor observe the vice action more conveniently. At the meantime, it improves the interior assembly and increases the radio audio and USB port and improve operation comfort.
    1.The introduction of the technology
    2. The main technical parameters
    3. The main parts subsidiary
    4. The whole machine appearance and transportation
    5. The accessory technical documents

    1. Technical specification

    Product model: XZ680A horizontal directional drilling
    Manufacturer: XCMG GROUP
    XZ680A horizontal directional drilling is one-piece full load type design, which adopt the hydraulic pilot control and load sensitive control and a number of advanced control technology and the company’s proprietary technology. The main performance parameters and control technology has reached the domestic advanced level. Hydraulic system, transmission system, reducer, electric control system and other main components choose the brand name products at home and abroad. The quality is reliable.
    One.The introduction of the technology
    1.1 Chassis
    Using steel tracks, South Korea Tongmyong walking speed reducer, traction, venue adaptable, stable and reliable performance.
    Chain tread                                                                    3165 mm
    Track Shoe Length                                                        3930 mm
    gauge of tracks                                                              1825 mm
    Creeper tread width                                                       450 mm
    Roller number                                                                 7 piece×2
    Walking speed reducer                                                  South Korea Tongmyong TM22VC×2
    Driving force                                                                  123kN
    Climbing Capacity                                                          30%
    Walking speed                                                                2.5km/h
    Ground pressure                                                            67kPa
    The total quality of work                                                  21T
    1.2 The engine system
    The Dongfeng Cummins engine inter-cooled turbocharged. Emissions meet the emission standards II and electronically- control throttle.
    Engine Model                                                   6LTAA8.9-C325
    Rated power                                                    239kW
    Maximum engine torque                                  1230 N·m /(1400r/min)
    Rated rotor speed                                           2200 r/min
    Meet the emission standard                            standards II
    Fuel tank capcity                                             425L
    1.3 The hydraulic system
    Using the load sensitive control, constant power system, pressure to cut off, the electro-hydraulic proportional control and several advanced control technologies. The imported components, which is reliable in quality.
    Triple main pump                                          SAUER H1P-130+ ER100B+ FR074B
    Manual reset relay                                        AMCA APV-22 + APV-22
    Slurry pump valve                                         AMCA APV-22
    Oil Tank Capacity                                         750L
    1.4 Power head
    Push and pull a drill through the gear rack and complete. Power head spindle floating device effectively protect drill pipe thread. Variable motor can achieve high-speed push and pull. Push pull size can be adjusted according to the requirements of the construction, the protection of the drill pipe.
    Power head rotation system
    Rotating system flow                                       277L/min
    Pressure                                                          270bar
    Motor                                                               Huade A6V107×2
    Reduction box                                                Brevini 2×ED2090/Bonfiglioli 2×307L2
    Maximum swivel torque                                     28250Nm(Option)
    Maximum rotative speed                                   100r/min
    Power head push and pull system
    Push and pull system flow                               371L/min
    Pressure                                                            260bar
    Manual reset relay                                           AMCA APV-22/SAUER PVG100
    Motor                                                                Huade A6V107×4
    Reduction box                                                  Brevini 2×ED2090/Bonfiglioli 2×307L2
    The biggest push pull                                      725kN
    The biggest push and pull speed                   32m/min
    Maximum swivel torque                                   28250N·m
    The maximum stroke power head                   6600mm
    1.5 Electrical system
    In view of the horizontal directional drilling construction technology, the application of advanced intelligent control technology, CAN bus technology, using imported high reliability of the controller. To optimize the display in the instrument location, use the larger instrument, easy to observe. Walking wire control can realize stepless speed regulation, safe and convenient operation.
    System Voltage                                            DC24V
    Controller Rexroth                                      RC28-14
    Push and pull rotation handle                     SAUER MCH22
    1.6 Drill stand
    High strength alloy steel drill stand and slide drilling. Angle adjustment is convenient.
    Drill sliding distance                                    2500 mm
    Drill stand Angle adjustment                      10~18°
    1.7 Vice
    Rig is equipped with powerful shackle vise. Front and rear vice are relatively easy- slip. It is easy to replace canine teeth of maintenance.
    Clamp force                                            1120kN
    Maximum shackle torque                         58900N·m
    Rear vice rotation Angle                          25°
    Vice sliding distance                                 200mm
    1.8 The slurry pump system
    For construction of Hengyang slurry pump equipped with mud and slurry, which guarantee the construction smoothly. There are four adjustable gear speed which can also be adjusted the flow of the slurry pump and provide better operating experience.
    Gear                                                          4 speed
    The maximum flow of slurry                       600L/min
    The maximum pressure of slurry              100bar
    1.9 Cab
    Rotating control cab, adjustable seats, equipped with air conditioning, greatly improved the operation comfort level of drilling rig, interior lights, windshield wipers, the front glass can be doubled.
    Width of the cabin                                    1000mm
    Length of the cabin                                   1800mm
    The rotation angle                                     45°
    1.10 Lorry crane
    Random configuration 2T XCMG lorry crane and manual operation stable.
    Model                                                        GSQ2SK1Q
    Max lifting weight                                      2T
    The farthest distance operation                5.67m
    Max. Lifting Moment                                  4T·m

    2.The main technical parameters

    Item Technical parameters
    Engine Producer Cummins Engine CO.,Ltd
    Model 6LTAA8.9-C325
    Rated power 239 kW / 2200 r/min
    Power head push and pull Type Pinion and rack drive
    Rated pulling/feeding force 725/725 kN
    Running speed of power unit 0~32 m/min
    Rotation Type Double-motor gear transmission
    Max.torque of power unit 28250 N·m
    Rotation speed of power unit 100 r/min
    Drill stem Diameter φ102 mm
    Length (single piece) 6000mm
    Adjustment angle 10~18°
    Travel Driving Type Self-propelled steel tracks
    Travel speed 2.5 km/h
    Slurry pump Type 600L/min,hydraulic drive
    Total weight 21T
    Dimensions 11610×2800×3115mm

    3.The main parts subsidiary

    3.1 The core parts subsidiary

    Name Manufacturer
    Engine Dongfeng Cummins Engine
    Main pump SAUER
    Auxiliary pump Tianjin
    Manual reset relay SAUER/AMCA
    Hand shank SAUER
    Controller German Rexroth
    Power head motor Beijing Huade
    Power head speed reducer Bonfiglioli/Brevini
    Power head bearing ZWZ
    Lorry-mounted crane XCMG GROUP
    Track Hubei Xian Group
    Walking motor, reducer South Korea Tongmyong Copmay

    3.2The options are as follows (With reference to the contract)
    1) Drill stem:

    Name Type Specification Remarks
    Drill stem Welded type(S135) ¢102mm×6m NC38Clasp Type

    2) Back to the expansion device:

    Name Type Specification Remarks
    Back to the expansion device Squeeze expanding type ¢450mm
    Flow port type ¢450mm

    3) Accessories:

    Name Type Specification Remarks
    Accessories Pilot guide bit 102
    Guide plate 102
    Positive pull head 102
    Negative pull head 102
    Transfer case 80T
    Short sub 102

    4) Others:

    Name Specification Remarks
    Slurry System Slurry mixing system 5 cubic
    Instrument Exploratory apparatus F5 DCI
    GL600 Gemdale
    Detecting instrument 8000 Reddy

    4.The whole machine appearance and transportation

    Overall dimension                                                        11610×2800×3115mm
    Shipping weight (Don’t include drill pipe, drill)        21T
    5.The accessory technical documents
    The following technical documents are provided for XZ680A horizontal directional drilling rig
    Certificate of conformity
    XZ680A operation instructions
    6LTAA8.9-C325 engine operation instructions and warranty card
    BW-600 slurry pump operation instructions
    Wearing parts and spare parts list, the accessory tools list
    Engineering vehicle air conditioning general specification
    Note: The products will be improved along with the technical advancement and the difference will be defined during ordering.
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